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A secure payment gateway specifically designed for Moodle™. This enrolment plugin, lets you accept one-time or recurring payments in CAD or USD for paid courses.
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What is MMBR.IO?

MMBR.IO is a payment gateway that pays out in 25 countries and accepts multiple currencies. Foxtrot (by MMBR.IO) is the product designed specifically for use with Moodle™ courses.

What makes MMBR.IO a great payment gateway for Moodle?

Foxtrot lets you require one-time or recurring payments to enrol in your course. eg. For $25/month (or any amount you choose), the enrolled student has access to the course. If the subscription (or recurring payment) fails or stops, the student’s access to the course will be suspended until payment resumes.

This enrolment plugin requires a verified MMBR.IO account. It’s free, takes only minutes to set up.


1) Create free MMBR.IO account at

2) Verify and complete payout details at

3) Set up Foxtrot (the MMBR.IO product designed for Moodle™) and view your Public key (eg. mmbrio_pk_abc123abc123) at

Now you are done with MMBR.IO account set up.


1) Login to your Moodle site as an 'admin' user.

2) Go to Site administration > Plugins > Install plugins. Choose Plugin type 'Enrolment method (enrol)'.

2) Go to (https://...admin/settings.php?section=manageenrols) Site administration > Plugins > Enrolments > Manage enrol plugins > Enable 'MMBR.IO' from list.

3) Click 'Settings' which will lead to the settings page of the plugin.

4) Paste your Foxtrot Public key (eg. mmbrio_pk_abc123abc123), choose a currency and Save changes.

5) Site administration > Courses > Manage courses and categories > Edit (the course you want) > Edit > More… > Users > Enrolment methods

6) Add method 'MMBR.IO' from the dropdown. Set enrolment option, price, and currency. Click Add method when done.

Now you are done with Moodle site and course set up. Now, users can login to the Moodle site and view the course after a successful payment. More detailed instructions with screen shots and video are at


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Sean Fournier (Lead maintainer)
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