UbiCast MediaServer block plugin

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Maintained by Stéphane Diemer
A block plugin for Moodle to embed MediaServer channels in courses.
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Copyright: UbiCast (https://www.ubicast.eu)
License: https://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html GNU GPL v3 or later


This block plugin allows teachers to add MediaServer channel in courses as a block.


Important note about cookies:

In order to make the LTI authentication work, MediaServer needs cookies usage. If your MediaServer is using a domain totally different from your Moodle domain, cookies will probably get blocked by browsers because they will be classified as third party cookies. To avoid MediaServer cookies to be considered as third party cookies, we recommend to use a sub domain for MediaServer using the same top domain as the Moodle site (for example, if your Moodle uses moodle.yourdomain.com as domain, you can use mediaserver.yourdomain.com as MediaServer domain). It is also possible to allow third party cookies usage in the browser settings.


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Stéphane Diemer (Lead maintainer)
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