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Maintained by Adrian Perez Rodriguez
Quickaccess and functions for integration of Rocket.Chat in Moodle
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Moodle Rocket.Chat Block Plugin Build Status

The Rocket.Chat block plugin acts as overview and quick access between Moodle and Rocket.Chat. This block lists all groups and channels of the Rocket.Chat user.

Main features

  • Channel overview (public and private)
  • Access to Rocket.Chat channels and groups.


This plugin has a dependency as the local_rocketchat plugin must be installed first. After that please do these steps:

  1. Copy this Rocket.Chat plugin to the blocks directory of your Moodle instance: git clone blocks/rocketchat
  2. Run composer install inside the blocks/rocketchat directory to install the dependencies
  3. Visit the notifications page to complete the install process

For more information, visit documentation for installing contributed modules and plugins.

Note - you need a running Rocket.Chat server that you can point the plugin to. If you aren't sure how to do this, checkout the documentation on Rocket.Chat. I also added a bit of [code]( to Rocket.Chat to make integration a little easier. This unfortunately will require a custom build of the Rocket.Chat source code. 


In order to allow IFrame based Single Sign On you must have configured your Rocket.Chat instance under Administration > General > Restrict access insid any Iframe/Options to X-Frame-Options.


The user can add this block in all Moodle areas where blocks can be added. So he has over all Moodle access to his channels.


This plugin is part of set Rocket.Chat.


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Adrian Perez Rodriguez (Lead maintainer)
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