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Maintained by Andreas Schenkel
Block that lists all enrolled courses of a user and shows the roles the user is enrolled with.
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The normal block course list shows all courses and has no information about the role in the course.

The block moodle-block_course_list_advanced adds some more information about a course. I adds the information which of the following roles a user is enrolled into a course.

For performance and testing-reason this first version only shows the content if the block is added into a course AND the user is trainer.

1, 2: counts the courses with the role trainer or student

3, 4, 5: colors indicates courses that 

    (are in progress --> green), 

    (are past -> red),

    (are in the future --> blue)

6, 7, 8: Startdate and enddate of a course

9: able to delete a course if capability moodle/course:delete 

10: Indicates trainer, student, noneditingteacher, guest 

11: not jet supported

Configure the block

At the end of the block a list of all courses is shown where the usere is enrolled as teacher.

# ToDo #

- block may be "expensive" in large moodleinstances with many users. instead of using a block it might be a good idea to implement the functionality as a part of the profile-page

- configuration to be able to activate block also for student if performance is ok (e.g. small schools)

- choose better colors

- add some more languagestring to instead of hardcoded text

- optimize code for enrollmentcheck

- change form php to moodle-codestyle

- correct some spelling mistake


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Andreas Schenkel (Lead maintainer)
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