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Block that generates graphs intendend to facilitate pedagogical decisions. The graphs have zoom capabilities and allow fast communication with students through email.
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This plugin provides three graphs that may facilitate the identification of student profiles. Those graphs allow the teacher to send messagens to users according to their behaviour inside a course. The graphs show:

  1. The grades distribuition in a box graph.
  2. Which users accessed file and url resources.
  3. Which users have submited assignments on time or late (tasks, quizzes and hotpotatoes).
  4. How each user is accessing the course and its resources in each cours week.

It is possible to click over graph elements in order to send email to a group of students (first two graphs) or to a particular student (last graph).

Thanks to Nadav Kavalerchik for the navigation code.


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Screenshot #1
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Picture of Marcelo Schmitt
Marcelo Schmitt (Lead maintainer)
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  • Picture of Darwin González
    Mon, 23 Jan 2017, 1:52 AM

    Hi Marcelo!, mention that the link to download excel is not displayed. I have tried to activate the link but I have not found the code where the link is activated
  • Picture of Marcelo Schmitt
    Mon, 23 Jan 2017, 6:52 AM
    Sorry Darwin. It was a comma mistake. Download and test it again.
  • Picture of Dinis Medeiros
    Mon, 23 Jan 2017, 8:27 PM
    Thanks for plugin. Obrigado.
    Can you explain this?
  • Picture of Darwin González
    Mon, 30 Jan 2017, 6:20 AM
    Good day, dear Marcello. Today I test the plugin; But the download to excel or cvs, was not what I expected in the download files. I tried to modify the plugins, but it was not possible either. Maybe you can help me with the report. I need to disclose the information of the students who have had access and those who have not had access to the course resources. For example column labels the resources and the rows the full names of the students. In Excel file 2 tabs one with the data of the students of access and another with the students without access. Please can you help me by indicating where I have to make adjustments to the programming please.

  • Picture of wz z
    Sat, 4 Mar 2017, 9:53 AM
    It seems this block does not work for the topic format course.
  • Picture of Marcelo Schmitt
    Sun, 5 Mar 2017, 12:29 AM
    WZ Z, it is working. How may I help you.
  • Picture of Paul Nijbakker
    Mon, 13 Mar 2017, 3:54 PM
    WZ Z, we have tested the block in topics format, collapsed topics, grid, single topic and flexible topics format. I works in all cases. What exactly does not work in your case? Note that the block cannot generate any data if there are no students in the course!
  • Picture of Dinis Medeiros
    Thu, 16 Mar 2017, 3:39 AM
    Error: Table '..._mood312.mdl_grade_grades' doesn't exist
    This is because in my config.php i have $CFG->prefix = 'mdlvn_'; and not the usual $CFG->prefix = 'mdl_';
    In moodle/blocks/analytics_graphs/grades_chart.php, line 41 i changed mdl to mdlvn and it works.
  • Picture of Dinis Medeiros
    Thu, 16 Mar 2017, 3:48 AM
    Notice: Undefined variable: resultado in /home/pm1yedpj/public_html/moodle/blocks/analytics_graphs/lib.php on line 33
    a -> this letter keep showing in top of some charts
  • Picture of Marcelo Schmitt
    Thu, 16 Mar 2017, 3:56 AM
    Dinis, you found a stupid bug. Of course I could not have written "FROM mdl_grade_grades AS gg". The correct syntax would have been:

    FROM {grade_grades} AS gg

    Sorry, please. I will fix it.
  • Picture of Marcelo Schmitt
    Thu, 16 Mar 2017, 8:02 AM
    Dinis, I fixed grades problem. This was critical.
  • Me at the Moodle Moot NZ11
    Sun, 19 Mar 2017, 8:29 AM
    You can try this Block for real on our public plugins site:
  • Picture of syusan Jun
    Mon, 8 May 2017, 9:22 AM
    Can I add an added resource module to hits.php or graphresourceurl.php ?
    For example videofile module
  • Picture of Paul Nijbakker
    Mon, 8 May 2017, 1:56 PM
    Hi Syusan,
    Were are developing the block to display all standard modules and a number of popular third party modules. However, the videofile module is presently not available for any Moodle 3 version (latest is for Moodle 2.7, support for which ends now), so for that you'd require a custom hack.
  • Picture of Marcelo Schmitt
    Mon, 15 May 2017, 8:49 PM

    You gave us an ideia. Lets make something generic to allow inclusion of other modules.
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