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Maintained by Max Pomazuev, Admin Examus
This plugin enables integration with Examus Proctoring System to provide supervision over test takers. Examus utilizes face and emotion recognition technology to analyze users' behavior during the test.
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This plugin is available only for Examus Proctoring System subscribed customers.
To find out more about the integration procedure or schedule a trial exam, please contact us:

  • Examus proctoring needs an OAuth2 server plugin installed.
    • You can download the plugin from (ZIP archive). To install it, login to your Moodle site as an admin, go to Site administration → Plugins → Install plugins, upload the ZIP file and install the plugin as prompted.
    • If you have an OAuth2 server plugin installed from another source, please make sure it allows HTTPS url as Redirect URL.
Сompatible Moodle versions: 3.6.9, 3.6.10, 3.7.5 - 3.7.9, 3.8.2+, 3.9+, 3.10+

  • In order to have the clientless proctoring working it's necessary to allow frame embedding in the Moodle settings. To do so, please  go to Administration> Security> HTTP Security and check the boxes next to "Allow embedding in a frame (allowframembedding)" and "Set the field" Secure "(cookiesecure).

Installation and setup

Setting up a user for the integration

Due to security reasons, it's recommended to have a separate user with special permissions for the integration.

  1. Create a new user, for example, examus. To do that, go to Site administration → Users → Accounts → Add a new user. Fill the required fields. Create a password for the user.
  2. Create a new role for the integration, for example, webservice. Go to Site administration → Users → Permissions → Define roles. Click the Add a new role button. Choose a role archetype Authenticated user as a basis. Click Continue.
  3. Select the context System where this role can be assigned. In the bottom part of the page, allow the following capabilities:
    • local/rcommon:authenticate ???
    • Use REST protocol
      Fill in all other required fields: Short name, Custom full name. Click the Create this role button.
  4. Go to Site administration → Users → Permissions → Assign system roles. Choose the role created in the previous step (webservice). Add the previously created examus user to the Existing users field.

Enabling web services

  1. Go to Site administration → Advanced features. Enable web services. Save changes.
  2. Go to Site administration → Plugins → Web services → Manage protocols. Enable the REST protocol. Save changes.

Creating a web service token

  1. Go to Site administration → Plugins → Web services → Manage tokens, click Add.
  2. Add a token for the service Examus for the previously created user examus (or Admin User). Leave the IP restriction field empty.
  3. Send the token to Examus. We will use this token for integration.

Creating a new OAuth client

The new client will be used by Examus proctoring service to authenticate your users.

  1. Please contact us to get your 'Redirect URL'.
  2. Go to Site administration → Server → OAuth provider settings, click Add new client. You can use any Client identifier, for example, examus. Paste the received 'Redirect URL'. Save changes.
  3. Sent the Client identifier and Client secret values to Examus. We will use them for integration.

Once the integration process will be finished, the proctoring configuration will become available in the "Restrict access" section of the Quiz activity settings.


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Max Pomazuev (Lead maintainer)
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