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Maintained by Étienne Roy, Gustavo Bazzo, Emile Jacques, RÉCITFAD Service national, Yvon Quémener
This Atto plugin makes easier to use the "moodle-filter_recitautolink".
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This Atto plugin makes easier to use the "moodle-filter_recitautolink".

The shortcode is interpreted by the filter.

The filter must be Active (Site administration/Plugins/Filters/Manage filters).

This plugin can be used in various ways.

  • The shortcode can create links to Sections or Activities.
  • It is possible to apply CSS Classes to generate a Bootstrap button.
  • The shortcode can generate some user informations.
  • H5P integration from the content bank is also possible.


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Étienne Roy (Lead maintainer)
Gustavo Bazzo: Lead
Emile Jacques: Programmmmer
RÉCITFAD Service national
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