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Moodle Atto QR-Code is an Atto sub-plugin to easily create and integrate QR Code to Moodle Atto editor.
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Moodle Atto-QR Code

Moodle Atto QR-Code is an Atto sub-plugin that can easily create and integrate QR Code to Moodle Atto editor. 

This library helps you to generate QR codes in a jiffy. It also uses bacon/bacon-qr-code to generate the matrix and khanamiryan/qrcode-detector-decoder for validating generated QR codes. 

After installing the plugin, the text editor looks like this



  • Easy QR Code Integration
  • Flexible to Customize
    • QR Code Size
    • QR Code Margin
    • Background and Foreground Color of QR Code
  • Global Setting Page to Avoid Overwhelming Input


You can install this plugin from Moodle plugins directory or can download from Github.

Global Setting page

Dashboard -> Site administration -> Plugins -> Text editors -> Atto HTML editor -> QR Code
  • Define your default QR-Code size, Margin, RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) Background and Foreground color.



Toolbar Settings

 Dashboard -> Site administration -> Plugins -> Text editors -> Atto HTML editor -> Atto toolbar settings



After installing the plugin, you can use the plugin by following:

  • Go to Atto HTML Editor
  • Click on QR-Code Icon From Toolbar
  • Insert QR-Code Content
  • Insert Width, Margin, Background and Foreground color (Optional) of QR Code
  • Done!



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