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Maintained by Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst IT
Submit Mahara portfolios into an assignment using LTI and web services. This plugin is for sites not using MNet any more.
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This plugin adds Mahara portfolio submission functionality to assignments in
Moodle. It requires configuration of Mahara web services for REST and OAuth 1.x.

This plugin allows a teacher to add a 'Mahara' item to the submission
options in a Moodle assignment. Students can then select one of the pages
or collections from their personal Mahara account as part of their assignment

The submitted Mahara page or collection can be locked from editing in
Mahara if you wish, the same as if it had been submitted to a Mahara group.
Depending on settings, it may be left permanently locked or get unlocked
when the submission has been graded (or if the grading workflow is used, its state
changed to "Released"). Alternatively, portfolios can also be submitted without
locking. If portfolios are locked, they can be archived automatically in Mahara once
grading has finished.

The plugin requires that Mahara 20.10 or newer is installed. If you are using
Mahara 20.04 or earlier (not supported with security fixes by the project any more),
apply the patches.


This plugin is part of set Mahara.


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Kristina Hoeppner (Lead maintainer)
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