A field type for Moodle database activities that allows on-screen signatures (using jSignature)

Poodll Database Field

The Poodll database field allows the database activity to accept video, audio, snapshot and whiteboard submissions. The Poodll Filter must be installed to use the Poodll Database Field.

Linked Checkbox

The database linked checkbox field is an enhanced version of the current checkbox field that allows the individual values in the checkboxes to show as hyperlinks when the record is displayed. Clicking the hyperlinks will display a filtered search result based on the checkbox value.

Tag input

The database tags field creates tags from comma separated text, similar to the way that Moodle generates tags from the 'Interests' field in the User Profile, but specifically for the database activity. When a record is displayed these are hyperlinked and when clicked will display a filtered search result based on the tag value.