Grade Book

This moodle plugin has the goal of improve usability when setting grades in Moodle. Moodle API provides an input where you can write your math expressions and that is difficult to some teachers. Therefore we are developing this plugin in order to make easier this process using a web interface.

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Theme_Handlebar is a child theme of Moodle's new core theme Boost. It is built on Bootstrap4 and Mustache templates. It adds a set of admin theme settings, such as presets and colours and also several custom block regions, including popup modal regions which do not appear on the main content of a page (and are only available for course pages).

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Virtlabs AppsAnywhere Plugin

The Consorci de Serveis Universitaris de Catalunya (CSUC) has integrated AppsAnywhere S2Hub ( using the Moodle plugin mod_appsanywhere. Differents Applications are now available to students from Moodle subjects with easy management.


Navbar Plus

Moodle plugin which enhances the functionality of Moodle's page header navbar.

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Session keepalive

Moodle plugin which checks for unsent user input in the browser and keeps the user session alive as long as needed to prevent that user input which is sent to the server after the user session has expired will be lost

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Wavefront Renderer

A Moodle activity that allows display a 3D model. Supports Wavefront .OBJ format models, together with .MTL material textures.


Group Members

This plugin adds a resource module. Teachers can use it to communicate groups and group co-members to participants.

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Easy Enrollments

Get students from the homepage to learning in seconds using 6 digit enrollment codes or a QR Code. This plugin is part of a set. For best results please install Fordson version 1.4.4 or newer.

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Public files

A clone of the internal private_files block that is at the system rather than user context. Files added to this block are available everywhere the block is visible (to all logged on users).

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Mootivated block

Display the user's avatar and amount of coins in their wallet. This requires the Mootivated plugin.

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Mootivated - Mobile Gamification

Mootivated is a mobile app that rewards student effort for learning in Moodle. Coins are awarded for working in Moodle and they can be spent in either the Avatar Part Store or your School Store.

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Searchable filesystem

A filesystem-based repository focused on searchable capabilities, ideal for directories with lots (thousands) of files at server side.

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This plugin provides a Moodle message output for Telegram. Users can configure the plugin to send Moodle notifications through a Telegram Bot and channel.

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Slack message processor

This plugin provides a Moodle message output for Slack. Sites can select a Slack team, and users can connect their Moodle notifications to their Slack account for that team.

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Contact Form

Contact Form is a Moodle plugin that allows your site to process and send information submitted through HTML web forms to the site's support email address or primary administrator if the support email address is not defined.

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The Inspire plugin implements open source, transparent next-generation learning analytics using machine learning backends that go beyond simple descriptive analytics to provide predictions of learner success, and ultimately diagnosis and prescriptions (advisements) to learners and teachers. From Moodle HQ.

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Snippet (Atto)

Snippet is simple html/text template tool for Moodle's Atto editor. Use it to add text, layouts, buttons and other content from templates directly into Moodle HTML areas.

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This is a Generico filter to add a YouTube video as a BACKGROUND to a Moodle Course. It allows a user to easily add the video and simple details to the course without blocking out the exiting resources.

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External disclaimer

A Moodle plugin to add a disclaimer popup when users click on an external link on your site.

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Moove it's a Moodle's theme boost's child.

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Lesson Export EPUB

This plugin allows lesson modules to be exported to EPUB documents.

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This is an atto plugin for Moodle which allows the administrator to define a set of predefined templates which a teacher can insert into their course pages

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Boost course overview on campus

Moodle plugin which adds support for filtering courses with block_course_overview_campus to the mycourses list in Boost's nav drawer

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Delete courses

This admin tool allows managers to delete all courses in a category (including subcategories if desired). The tool may optionally bypass the recycle bin for improved performance.

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This activity embeds an window in Moodle so you have have a live screen-sharing. It automatically assigns an URL based on your course idnumber or shortname.

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Blocklymoodle this is plugin for Moodle v3.2. Blocklymoodle — this integration in moodle, plugin Blockly create company Google

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Course Category Finder

Course Category Finder is an extended version of the Course Finder Block. An Option is added to enable the user to search for categories as well as the courses.

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