List course files

This extension allows teachers to view a list of all files in a course and to change the license for each file. It is also possible to download the files in a ZIP archive.

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Image optimiser

Resize images to a configurable maximum size. Delay the loading of images until visible in the viewport.

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Content security policy

This plugin allows an admin to create a Custom Security Policy (CSP) in both reporting mode and enforcing mode. A simple use case is to detect and cleanup issues with non secure content after a migration from http to https, through to advanced policies to mitigate from XSS attacks.

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A Moodle administration plugin providing a GUI to some settings and management of a MoodleBox, a Moodle server installed on a Raspberry Pi with some sort of Linux version installed (Raspbian preferred).

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Problem section

Adds to the course a section where the teacher can submit a problem to groups of students and give them various collaboration tools to work together on a solution.

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This plugin allows Moodle to use Elasticsearch as the search engine for Moodle's Global Search. The following features are provided by this plugin: * Multiple versions of Elasticsearch * File indexing * Request signing, compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Personal YouTube

Moodle repository plugin used to browse personal YouTube channels in order to publish public, unlisted and private videos.

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Video chat

The Video chat block allows users in the same course to have video chat using WebRTC. It supports and other video chat service.

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Moderator Guide

This block displays guides for external teachers/graders. These guides are created by teachers and are based on templates created by administrators. The template creation system allows the generation of Moodle forms containing textarea, file uploader and links.

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DynamoDB Sessions

A local plugin that stores sessions in an AWS DynamoDB table

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JUnit Exercise Corrector

This plugin allows students to submit their Java exercises, let them be tested against a set of JUnit tests (that have been priorly provided by the teacher) and receive immediate feedback on the test results.

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Group Management

This activity is heavily based on the " Group choice" activity module, and behaves roughly like it. Making a choice enrols you in a group, changing your choice unenrols you from the precedent group and enrols you in the new one, and so on. This activity allows students to enrol themselves in a group within a course. The teacher can choose from which groups the students can chose, and the maximum nummber of students allowed in each group. The students can view the members of each group before making a choice, and (if the teacher allows it) change their selected group until the deadline. They can alswo create their own public or private group protected with a key. Other student can contact the group creator for asking the registration Key. Each group creator can add informations about his group a description, a video or an image. A map with the group's members location will also be display in a group Detail page.

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Cincopa Rich Media Assignment Submission

Enhance moodle's standard assignment submission process to include streaming videos, image galleries, audio and large documents without adding any load to your server or being restricted by file size. This plugin allows students and teachers to easily upload and record from webcam/app different types of multimedia including videos, images, and audios. Teachers can view streaming video and listen to audio directly from the site and grade it without the need to download first. Cincopa Submissions plugin for Moodle is a great solution for teachers who want to interact with students through their educational portal. Teachers can create assignments for students and collect various multimedia materials from students and required to fulfill their work. Download

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Cincopa TinyMCE

Cincopa TinyMCE Editor plugin adds button to your text editor which allows you to insert Cincopa media gallery. It can be used on any post or page on your site. In order to use this plugin you will need to install Cincopa Media Filter plugin and register at

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Cincopa Atto Plugin

Cincopa Atto Editor plugin adds button to your text editor which allows you to insert Cincopa media gallery. It can be used on any post or page on your site. In order to use this plugin you will need to install Cincopa Media Filter plugin and register at

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Cincopa Video, Audio and Images Filter

Add HTML5 videos, photo galleries, music, podcasts and playlists to any section of your moodle site. Supported formats mp4, mp3, jpg, wmv and many others. Enjoy more than 100 designed templates for slideshows, video players, video portal, Lightbox and many more. Cincopa is fully hosted and seamlessly integrated with a CDN which makes sure it will work fast and smooth without any load on your moodle server.

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Conditional field

A drop-down menu field that shows/hides some other custom profile fields depending on its selected value.

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Panopto button - Atto

Adds a button to the Atto editor to embed Panopto videos from a Panopto server.

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Allows courses to be connected with multiple Panopto servers. Panopto is a video recording/streaming service that allows teachers to record lectures and embed them directly into Moodle.

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Lesson PDF Export

This plugin allows lesson modules to be exported to PDF documents with optional protection.

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A question type that allows question authors to set programming questions in which the student answer is code in some programming language, which is graded by running it. More generally it can handle any question to which the answer is text that can be graded by a computer program written by the question author.

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Adaptive adapted for coderunner

A specialised version of the standard Moodle adaptive behaviour for use with the CodeRunner plugin (qtype_coderunner).

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Course Announcement

This extension allows administrators to display a message on top of every course, which can be used to reach users on an urgend matter.

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Fordson | A child theme of Boost providing stunning visuals, an enhanced homepage experience, and improved navigation. Fordson sports a simple and effective design with a no-nonsense Bootstrap 4 layout that looks great on any screen.

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Virtual PC

This module it offers a virtual computer with an operating system and applications already installed selected by the teacher.

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THEME_WAXED Theme_Waxed is a child theme of Moodle's new core theme Boost. It is built on Boostrap4 and Mustache templates and adds additional settings to those in Boost to allow a level of customisation with limited knowledge of scss/css.

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Assignment Review

The block allows reviewers to post “global” comment about assignment. It displays threaded comments per assignment on assignment pages. The plugin should also allow the insertion of key markers or text that can be picked up in database queries, for example using the Configurable Reports plugin. These markers can be into the comments or in additional field till the solution is simple to set up with the configurable report plugin.

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