SAML Identity Provider

This is a plugin that makes Moodle an Identity Provider site: other application can use Moodle as a login portal. Requires SimpleSAMLphp, configured as IdP:


Temporary enrolments

A block which displays users marked as temporarily enrolled by the local_temporary_enrolments plugin.

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Temporary enrolments

A Moodle plugin to manage temporary/provisional course site access for wait-listed or unregistered students.

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LiveUsers - Block Plugin

LiveUsers is a block plugin for the Moodle Platform that displays the exact number of online users per course in realtime, even if they spend hours watching a single video, for example, without ever refreshing a single page.

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LiveUsers - Local Plugin

LiveUsers is a local plugin for the Moodle Platform that monitors the exact number of online users per course in realtime, even if they spend hours watching a single video, for example, without ever refreshing a single page.

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Trax Logs

This plugin transforms Moodle logs into xAPI statements, and sends then to your LRS.


Enrol signing Pagseguro

Plugin that enables student enrollment by monthly subscription payment by PagSeguro.

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Pixabay Media

A repository for popular free image site -

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Theme classic is a simple theme based on the Boost theme. It uses the 3 column grid and the navigation block and settings block.

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Annotate PDF advanced

This plugin is a fork of assignfeedback_editpdf, and is developed and maintained by RISET/University of Lausanne. It allows to use several types of customizable tools: simple annotation, comment, stamp, highlighting, margin annotation, chained annotations.

45 304 5


Activity for engaging the students into a game of questions (named as challenges). The students can be authors of challenges. A competitive scoring scheme is used to foster motivation.

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Opencast API

This tool provides API functions as well as general settings for the different opencast tools (e.g. block_opencast, filter_opencast, repository_opencast) and is required by them. The tool stores the relation between courses and series ids and offers webservice endpoints for the opencast role provider.

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Opencast Videos

This block can be used to link moodle courses to opencast series. Users with respective priviledges (in the following called teacher) can use this block to upload videos to moodle. These videos are transmitted to the opencast system by the cronjob and create a event for the respective series there. The block can be automatically set the access privileges of moodle user enrolled in the course.

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Local Pages

This plugin is to enable Custom pages and forms in Moodle. It provides a quick way to create custom contact forms and custom page content. The pages created can be publicly accessed or available to certain users based on settings you choose for the page. This allows you to create pages such as: "terms and conditions", marketing material and more.

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Simple lesson

A simplified approach to a lesson module. Allows multiple pages, addition of questions by picking from the question bank, simplified reporting for teachers and students and implements GDPR requirements. Designed for Moodle 3.5.

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EcoHub LTI Source

Enable Moodle to launch Laerdal Medical courses with user-specific data for analytics and external compliance tracking purposes with a dedicated EcoHub activity.

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CSV format

This plugin will be used to import and export multichoice( 4 choices ) questions having one or two answers from a CSV(Comma separated value) file into the question bank. Note: Only multichoice questions are supported as of now.

37 208 6

Geolocation Block

This block works together with the availability condition "gps" and allows a user to determine the current gps location. The location is stored in the current session and is used by the availability condition. Furthermore the block can show the locations in a course by list or on an interactive map.

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Geolocation condition

This adds the availability condition by gps coordinates to sections and course modules. This plugin requires the block_gps plugin to work.

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Justify align

Moodle Module for adding text functions in the Atto editor.

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Quiz archive report

Moodle quiz report plugin to achieve archiving your test, by printing out all attempts at once.

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Restriction by cohort

Moodle availability plugin which lets users restrict resources, activities and sections based on cohorts.

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Embed questions

A Moodle text filter plugin that displays questions from the question bank embedded in the page.

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Embed question

An Atto editor plugin for use with the embed questions filter.

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Hide inactive courses

A plugin which automatically hides courses that have not been accessed for a configurable time period.

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Configuration Seeder

A Moodle settings enforcer for custom developments; this plugin allows the automated setup of various configurations that are hard to setup through config.php' $CFG. It 'seeds' configurations in the DB at install or upgrade time. Contrary to configurations set through $CFG, these modifications are not locked, and allow Moodle admins to then update these.

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Welcome User

This is a simple template which demonstrates how to show the current user's name and picture on the page.

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Lightbox 2 will display any content between the tags in a lightbox.

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