Dialogue between two users

Zoom meeting

Zoom is a video and web conferencing platform that gives authorized users the ability to host online meetings and webinars.


Integrate BigBlueButton within Moodle - including record and playback of sessions.

Blackboard Collaborate

Moodle integration plugin for Blackboard Collaborate with Ultra experience. Use of this plugin requires a Blackboard Collaborate license.

Open Forum

Open forum are designed to increase engagement and provide a responsive, modern alternative to standard Moodle forums.


Vitero Activity Plugin for Moodle 2.2+. This plugin provides integration between Moodle and a Vitero (Virtual Team Room) server. A Moodle site is linked to a single Vitero account.


Skype activity plugin module implements a user listing and shows, Create Conference, Create Chat, Send Voicemail, Add Contact, and Send File links to any user who has entered a Skype ID into their profile.

OU blog

Alternative blog. Can be used as a course activity.


Face-to-face activities are used to keep track of in-person (e.g. classroom) trainings which require advance booking. Each activity is offered in one or more identical sessions. These sessions can be given over multiple days. Reminder messages are sent to users and their managers a few days before the session is scheduled to start. Confirmation messages are sent when users sign-up for a session or cancel. This module may be of interest to administrators looking for a way to provide event management support for blended learning environments.


OpenMeetings is a free browser-based software that allows you to set up instantly a conference in the Web. You can use your microphone and/or webcam, share documents on a white board, discuss in a chat, share your screen or record meetings. It is available as hosted service or you download and install a package on your own server.

Fair Allocation

This Module lets you add an activity to courses, in which users can rate choices. You may then distribute the users fairly to the choices by maximizing overall 'happiness' in terms of ratings. This may be an alternative to the choice activity or first-come-first-served.


This activity module permits to schedule an event with a defined reservation time.


This module allows a teacher to ask students to reflect on a particular topic. The students can edit and refine their answer over time.

WebEx Meeting

A Moodle activity module for Cisco WebEx.

Via - Virtual Classroom

The Via activity module provides integration between Moodle and Via, our virtual classroom tool. It is designed to simplify the use of synchronous events within Moodle. It provides a single sign on between the two systems with easy event creation and management.


Modern virtual classroom with sharing / collaboration for your Screen, Audio, Webcam, whiteboard, documents, media with students, ask questions, bookmarks and notes with optional recording.

Application Form

This module is for submission of the application form.


Allows timed release of content and emails users to remind them to complete course activities.


This Moodle module (/mod/ipal/) allows Moodle to support in-class polling/"clickers"/"Peer Instruction"/concept quizzes/anonymous surveys/etc. Students can respond using any web-enabled device or the free IPAL App we have written for both the Android and iOS smartphones. Teachers can create questions, use questions from the standard question bank, or import ConcepTest provided by Harvard Physics Professor Mazur.


A moodle module for learning foreign languages


Access and manage your BigBlueButton recordings


ForumQ2A is a new forum activity based on the open source platform Question2Answer(www.question2answer.org).


Supports registration and management of student learning journals through external blogs (or other RSS/Atom generating tools). There is a 1.9 version as well.


- quick and uncomplicated way to tell what bothers him/her about teacher/student/course - teacher can have a quick summary how his course is seen from the students perspective - teacher can answer questions - students can trade informations, help with little problem


Whiteboard with Video conference - Made for one to one interaction between Teacher and Student.

WebRTC Experiments

Discontinued. Please, do not use it in production. This is a Moodle plugin for users interact with audio and video using WebRTC


Enables web conferencing between Moodle and Adobe Connect to be added as an activity to any course.