Interactive Content – H5P

Create and add rich content inside your LMS for free. Some examples of what you get with H5P are Interactive Video, Quizzes, Collage and Timeline.

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Custom certificate

Enables the creation of dynamically generated certificates with complete customisation via the web browser.

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Level up!

Engage your students! Gamify your students' learning experience by allowing them to level up in their courses. #gamification #game

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Merge user accounts

This administration tool will merge two Moodle user accounts into one.

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Allows to define various policy documents - site policy, privacy policy, intellectual property policy, late assignments policy and others as needed. It keeps the history of document revisions, tracks user agreements with them and forces users to accept them prior to using the site.

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Data privacy

Provides the workflow for users to submit subject access requests and for site administrators and privacy officers to process these requests.

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The module is perfect for managing participants and subscription of online and offline courses and events.

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MooTyper implements a typing practice/instruction functionality into Moodle.

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Hot Question

Help teachers to collect questions from students in or out of classroom

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eTask topics format

eTask topics format is type of the course format. It is based on topics format and includes grading table on the top of the course page with aditional functionality as a highlighting of final grade or setting value for grade to pass.

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Insert question

This is a very simple implementation of a question filter. It allows questions to be inserted anywhere in Moodle editable text either embedded or in a popup. Note that this plugin has probably been superseded by:, developed by the OU team.

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My last course

Sometimes we forget which course or module we've consulted last time because we were interrupted by an important event. This block gives access to the last course and last module viewed.

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Annulab LRS

This block for Moodle gives an access to the own historical data sent by the moodle's logstore_xapi and tincanlaunch plugins to the LRS of Annulab. A free subscription at is required. The LRS allows anyone who is connected to import his own data in a JSON format file archived into a ZIP file

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