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For all plugins which don't have their own forum

DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
Individualized tasks 5 Jon Bolton
New Virtual Programming Lab (VPL) module 1148 daniel fu
Check isset AMD and $COURSE 1 David Mudrák
MooTyper the typing instructor 159 AL Rachels
Re-engagement: allow timed release and improve completion rates. 91 Kim Lymn
New activity: Simple Certificate 692 Dave Foord
H5P Crowdfunding for Dialog Cards feature for Spaced Repetition 1 Ralf Hilgenstock
Re-engagement plugin guidance 1 J Guzman
JMAIL plugin Update 3 Piotr Cieślak
Generico Showcase 226 Richard van Iwaarden
Changes log in enrolled courses 0 Acqua Alta
pulg-in register log 0 Marcello Orru
Subsections in Boost Course navigation 0 Jan Krucky
H5P 4 Mary Cooch
developping a new plugin 2 rania belhadj
Introducing: Real Time Monitoring Service 15 Andrew Normore
FilterCodes plugin for Moodle 11 Luiggi Sansonetti
Group choise - Groups appear in wrong order? 1 David Mudrák
percentage of completion and offline grading not appear 0 Es Am
Timesheet Plugin? 2 Robert Rae
User Tours - Possible for Users to Fill in Form During Tour? 7 Eliot Hoving
New activity: iContent 33 Onno Hardebol
Static page with extra code 0 Stefano Guglielmetti
Solr plugin error 2 András Égler
Restricting Concurrent user login 1 Jon Bolton
ReEngagement Progressbar for Course 0 Patrick Walther
Reengagement Plugin 3rd Party 0 Patrick Walther
Generico Filter - a template maker 193 Justin Hunt
Completion Progress block 87 John Provasnik
Progress bar is not visible to the learner 0 sandesh nirulkar
h5p interactive video not saving? 0 Kathryn Woodhead
Waiting for approval for plugin contribution 3 Bas Brands
Problem with Calendar Plugin 2 Moldoveanu Mihnea
In Activity Specific Organization for Moodle 3.2 1 SVS Moodle
H5P Course format possible? Sections, split quiz, cant advance until completion. 8 Todd W. Roat
Default completion tracking for activities and resources 4 Jon Bolton
External Version Control for Moodle 1 David Mudrák
Tickler plugin 0 Matteo Zampicinini
Moodle Solidity Plugin 0 Ronaldo Cristover
Turnitin 1 David Mudrák
Rollover academic year settings 1 Visvanath Ratnaweera
Plugin for tracking video views 2 William Winter
Fair allocation style plugins 0 Aaran Grimley
Carousel plugin/code for Moodle Lambda theme 2 Andreas Grabs
Contact us pluggins 2 Jesús Acedo
Zoom Plugin vs Zoom LTI Pro 0 Scott Hardwick
H5P grades on MoodleNet course? 2 Jeff Ruth
Upload and add url option is not working in social wall course format 1 Jon Bolton
Use profile data in showuseridentity. 0 Amir Mustafa
To view the MRBS Calendar without login 1 Howard Miller
Enrollled users: sort order changes when adding/removing user 0 Renate Wesselingh
Single Sign On (SSO) from Moodle to Infusionsoft 0 Amir Mustafa
New activity: checklist 471 Davo Smith
Study planner 0 Reham Esmat
The cursor sticks in text-select mode while working with vpl programming in ubuntu operating system, how can we rectify this text-selection. 1 Howard Miller
How to open Questionnaire to the guest users? 3 Ladis Kumar Antony Xavier
Active Quiz Results not in Gradebook 3 Ken Masters
Ranking Block - not picking up students 2 Susan Fleming
External database Cohort sync plugin empty result 0 Sam Suresh
Moodle plugin - web conferencing 7 Melanie Scott
Merit or Student Credit Plugin? 6 Trinity High
Where I can Programming new Plugin 1 Justin Hunt
Plugin for nested subtopics 1 David Mudrák
User tours - can't get Dashboard User tours to work, using path '/my/%' 8 Devon R
Collapsed topics plugin - make topic in all courses display vertically? 5 Emma Richardson
Kaltura Video plugin help 1 Tomoya Saito
Connecting Midi input devices with Moodle 1 Dave Balch
regarding gcc g++ compiler 2 Juan Carlos Rodríguez-del-Pino
New module "Unilabel" 4 Andreas Grabs
Working on plugin for Custom home page and management of its contents 0 Garrett Boone
Opaque qt plugin. Files upload in student's response. 0 Khaled Elaish
Kaltura 1 Susan Fleming
Add A Dropdown Menu To Moodle 1 Justin Hunt
Group restrictions in common module settigs 1 Andreas Grabs
User related debugmodus 0 Andreas Grabs
Wanting Ideas 5 Kieran Briggs
Contact Form for Moodle (webmail) 43 Michael Milette
SQL to get all the teachers of the course of the submitted assignment 0 Amir Mustafa
Display Enrolment expiration date 5 Justin Hunt
Hide Ugly URL 0 Michael Backus
How to display image in custom activity module? 2 Mike Finch
Cohort external database plugin (delete cohorts and user creation issue) 3 Dan Marsden
Mediabird Study Notes install errors 9 Shane Ryan Diaz
Connect the Moodle Mobile Edition to Adobe Connect 0 علی زمانی
Custom filter for getting course completed users 0 An sree
moderation blog 2 rio ppsa
Invalid Consumer key 1 Joost Elshoff
Authorize which forum posts can be displayed 0 Rodrigo Barbosa da Silva
Single Sign-on OneFile Plugin 0 Heather P
Troubles while creating a new custom activity module 1 Mike Churchward
OpenSocial gadgets module 1 Mary Cooch
Are there any plugins that make Moodle CMI5 compliant? 3 David Pesce
Naming New Plugin 4 Dan Marsden
E-commerce plug-in 3 Jay Shanley
New demo command for Google Home: Moodle Quiz 1 Onno Schuit
Looking for activity plugin that give learner two choices and provides a separate answer slide. 1 Davo Smith
Course percentage completion custom report 0 Walter Lopez
Email based self-registration 0 Jane Moore
Ad hoc reports plugin: Display all course completions in past 24 hours for which the final grade =1 1 M Mahesh
I've created an "Autograde" Plugin -- anyone want copies? 10 Andrew Normore