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(including question types and quiz plugins)

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pattern match syntax testing - out of moodle? 5 Tim Hunt
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Resetting a Quiz Score for a Single Student 0 Paula Burns
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Reading Comprehension Questions 12 Dominique Bauer
Export a quiz to another course WITHOUT the question bank 7 Matteo Bronz
Enabling P latter while using SEB in Moodle 0 fatma alhinaai
Enabling P latter while using SEB in Moodle 0 fatma alhinaai
Regarding adding Randum qusion bank in moodle 13 Luigi Petruzziello
Deleting questions from database 2 Sami Simpanen
Creating quiz using command line 3 H Gsomething
Deleting the orphaned random questions (MDL-63260) does not seem to work 16 stefan weber
Adding "aspect" to a quiz 2 Sebastian H.
Database error 1 Howard Miller
Close Book quiz 0 Gevan Jayasinghe
Cannot duplicate quiz activities Moodle 3.3.4+ 8 Augusto Luiz da Costa Schnorr
Question Banks and Backup Problems 9 Blair F.
Questions being duplicated in Question Bank 0 Peter Eliyahu Kornfeld
Completely disable quiz previews, keep multiple attempts 0 Michael Ko
More than 8 "blanks" on Select missing words 6 Gerardo Fallani
Importing QTI quizzes (Moodle 3.5) 1 Tom Cotton
Anyone know how to easily create an ANSWER KEY to a Quiz in Moodle? 1 Dominique Bauer
Best way to create multi language quiz questions. 6 adrian mielke
Random quizzes (not random questions) 30 Felipe G. Nievinski
Question Statistics 2 Tim Hunt
Cloze questions child questions missing 17 Miro Iliaš
New version of the RegExp question type available 0 Joseph Rézeau
Reset/Restart quiz information after time 0 Mantas Šedys
An error occurred while processing your responses 5 Germán Valero
Shuffle Choices - Embedded Answers (Cloze Test / Gap Fill) 1 Joseph Rézeau
Only Show Correct Answers with a Passing Score? 9 Marco Bennardo
Formulas question type: Desired behaviour of the "Part's combined feedback" 4 Dominique Bauer
Problems adding a random question to a quiz 9 Ана Нанева
Cannot change Quiz Maximum Grade Moodle 3.5. 8 Joseph Rézeau
Simulation Questions 2 Dominique Bauer
User who is admin does not show in grade reports 4 Dan Ronchi
StudentQuiz export : error/moodle/invalidrecord 19 Miro Iliaš
quiz question selection from random categories 3 Gokulan N
notenoughtshortanswerquestions 2 Jean-Michel Védrine
How to copy question from one category to another? 2 Tim Hunt
Wild Card in numercial Cloze question type 2 Daniel Duenner
The question bank 2 mimi nom
Previewing a question 2 mimi nom
Is there any way to make Exam from more than one quiz ? 1 Rick Jerz
Quiz - Different sections of quiz have different pass criteria, is there a way to set caveats to a question 0 Paul Dimmock
Error when submitting a quiz 9 Tim Hunt
Pagination on mobile devices 1 Tim Hunt
Drag and drop onto image - only one correct answer 7 Kathryn Woodhead
Set Passing Grade in Bulk 0 Natassia Stelmaszek
Removing the Attempt/Continue/Retry quiz buttons with Moodle 3 0 Andy Sanders
New plugin coming soon - embed questions anywhere 5 Marcus Green
Need help with understanding manual grading 6 Brendon Hatcher
Importing Multiple Cloze Questions and //NEWCLOZEQUESTION 2 Jean-Michel Védrine
Create a sub folder for Quizzes 1 Joseph Rézeau
Statistical parser with custom syntax 3 Marcus Green
Moving quiz results to a different course 4 Claudio Bartoloni
Automatically complete submission checkbox after all questions have been submitted. 7 Chris Swinney
Changing layout of answers 8 Kathryn Woodhead
random questions? 2 Tim Hunt
Wanted: Regex ideas for Gapfill 0 Marcus Green
Plugin to remove old quiz attempts 0 Vadim Dvorovenko
Logging student attempts 1 Tim Hunt
Clone of Quizzes taking hours 8 Richard Lobb
Trouble with "Drag and Drop Text" Question 1 Joseph Rézeau
Quiz 6 Veera Venkata Durga Jagadeesh
Cannot add questions to quiz from question bank 0 Olga K
Show extra column in question bank page. 2 Gokulan N
quiz score result 1 Tim Hunt
Export users answer codes not the answer text in json format 1 Maria C.
How to show quiz navigator under each course like how this screen shots looks ? 2 Gopi Sekar
Message after submitting quiz 2 Javier Tejera
Error in displaying/editing/deleting a question 2 Tim Hunt
New question type idea? 16 AL Rachels
Creating Charts in Moodle? 1 AL Rachels
Best approach for blended assessment 8 Tim Hunt
Embedded quiz 1 Tim Hunt
Ordering question type - Lowest possible score for a question with the "Relative to correct position" grading type 1 Tim Hunt
Cloze questions general feedback could be improved 2 Marcus Green
Change all quizzes setting at once 2 Tim Hunt
Get quizid and attempt id on quiz submit event (by student) 1 Tim Hunt
Get all the questions of the quiz based on quiz id and get it's question type as well 1 Tim Hunt
Moodle 3.5: Quiz Question remain at top as students scroll answers 5 Catherine Bailey
Wordselect now supports the mobile app 0 Marcus Green
multiple choice question 19 Dominique Bauer
Moodle 3.4: DB tables for question attempts 8 Vadim Dvorovenko
Create & Upload Vocabulary Quiz Test Bank 3 Kristin Scott
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