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Converting database on live site from Antelope to Barracuda

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Converting database on live site from Antelope to Barracuda

I'm using Moodle 3.5.2 and I just looked at Admin>Server>Environment and saw my database is still Antelope instead of Barracuda.  I know how to convert it via myPHPadmin because I did it during installation with another site but I'm worried I could screw up my data if I converted it on my live site(a few thousand student records over a few years that I added this past week via restoring courses from a very out-of-date 2.6 site ).

Is there any risk the format conversion could have a negative impact on the data?


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Re: Converting database on live site from Antelope to Barracuda
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I am no expert on Antelope vs Barracuda but there is always a risk when you start modifying databases.

I worked as a lead developer creating database scripts and stored procedures. Our standard method was:

  • Any change I made to a database was a script which I checked on my development machine.
  • The analyst then checked and passed the script independently on another copy of our  database
  • I made the change using the script on the clients test database and it was signed off by the client as correct
  • I then applied the script to the client's production server. Usually at 6 am after the nightly backup was verified as complete  to give the client a couple of hours to lock the system and check my work before the staff were able to start processing. Any problems would result in a rollback to the backup.
Running the script on a live server was always stressful. I never forget the moment the client called and told me their operation was down because of me - or really forgave her when she told me she was joking.
This level of checking may seem excessive but at the least you must apply any changes to a development version of Moodle and have a test plan to verify the changes are not destructive before making a change like this.
Apologies if I am telling you what you already know and follow - but there are many plaintive calls on this forum from others whom I suspect have applied untested fixes to live servers.

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Re: Converting database on live site from Antelope to Barracuda
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I've run this process a couple of times and not seen any issues. Also make sure that the mysql config has Barracuda as the default otherwise new tables will be created as Antelope.

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