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Kudos to our community plugins curator

Mary Cooch
Kudos to our community plugins curator
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Moodle’s Plugins directory contains over 1500 plugins, with a daily increasing list of those still to be approved. It’s a great testament to the power of the Moodle community developers, but a lot of work - albeit  very satisfying! - to check the quality of each submitted plugin before releasing it to the public.

That’s why we’re delighted that Dan Marsden  (developer at Catalyst IT NZ)  has agreed to share the load in his new role as Plugins curator. A long-time Moodler and active participant of the Plugins guardian program, Dan has been providing helpful feedback to plugins authors for a number of years as well as developing his own plugins. We even highlighted one of them, the Attendance module, in a Featured plugin post , back in 2015. (You’ll appreciate the benefits of the Attendance module if you have a Moodle for School site; it’s one of the MoodleCloud set of plugins.)

Plugins curators are respected volunteers from the Moodle developer community, and from now on, Dan will be able to approve submitted plugins which have been recommended by plugins guardians. This will significantly help HQ developers and is also an excellent example of community participation.

We’d like to thank Dan officially for accepting the role, and look forward seeing many more high quality community contributed plugins.

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