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GDPR-ready flag for plugins

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GDPR-ready flag for plugins
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Hi! Just to clarify what has been shared in other places. Yes, we will have a flag (probably implemented as an award) in the Plugins directory allowing to highlight that the plugin has the new privacy API implemented, which is relevant for GDPR compliance evaluation of the site.

My dreams did not yet come true so this feature was not implemented by the end of this week. But I am sure it will come soon. Thanks in advance for your patience.

p.s. Many thanks to all the new HQ's Plugins Guardians who started to provide approval reviews for submitted plugins just recently, as well as to those veterans who never stopped doing so. Much appreciated.

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C'est moi :-)
Re: GDPR-ready flag for plugins
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Hi David,

This GDPR flag is a very good idea.

Despite your dreams, and one month later, do you have an idea of when this will be available?


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