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Importing Gradebook Setup

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Re: Importing Gradebook Setup
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Hi Yusif, emmmmmm, after three weeks, have you got any further? 

As you can tell, not a lot of users of Schoology here, so not a lot of help, I am afraid. I don't even know what type of database Schoology uses, can't find enough information on the tool that would encourage me to look further. I even looked at this site, and it is being very bashful, Schoology doesn't seem to appear anywhere in a list of LMS's. I am wondering it it is really classed as a SIMS or a CMS?

Rubrics can be imported, reused, as the Moodle Docs on Advanced Grading Methods suggest. As for weighting grades across courses.... dunno, never tried it, but I suspect it would be a handy thing to know, so ...mmmm looking.... 

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Re: Importing Gradebook Setup

Hey Colin,

So Schoology was the first, successful, free LMS I was able to use with my students. In terms of user interface it is easier and more straightforward to use, despite the two being very similar in setup and course content creation (I believe Schoology started from an old Moodle but don't quote me on this). 

In Schoology, there is a way to create weights and topics for the grading system. Even the distribution of the overall totals throughout the year is there. So for example: 

Let's say that assignments and assessments will be split up between quizzes, homework, and classwork with each having a weight of 15,10,10 respectfully. If my school has three terms, I can split the weight of the terms as I like. After all of this, I can then easily import all of this information to any of my other courses with the press of a button. The same can be done to rubrics and method of grading (A+, A , A- or numerical).

The question right now is: can I do this in the Moodle systems. I haven't been able to find a way yet.

(Sorry my post was long winded).

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Re: Importing Gradebook Setup
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