incorrect grade book letter grades

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incorrect grade book letter grades


When using the A-F+- scale for any activity, when giving a student a mark through the grade book, the grade values are the opposite so giving an A grade actually gives the mark of F (screenshot 1 and 2) and giving an F grade actually gives the mark of A (screenshot 3+4).  Using the override to give a different grade makes no difference.   There are no additional calculations used and and the letters have their correct association marks (screenshot 6).  I did notice that when viewing the grade book setup, the max grade for the letters is F where i presume is should be an A (screenshot 7).  I'm not sure how to change this settings.  Can any shed any light on the issue?  is there a setting that can be changed or a bug with Moodle.



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Re: incorrect grade book letter grades
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Yes the max grade is your problem.  You can change this under the assignment settings.  It is not that the gradebook is giving the opposite settings - it is that three of your activities have a max grade of 10 (which is an F) and the totals are averaging out.  You cannot put in Letter Grades as the grade, you need to enter a numerical value.

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Re: incorrect grade book letter grades
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Scales need to be set up from low to high, for example: F,D,C,B,A. In this example F=0 and A=4. I am guessing that you might have entered the scale as A,A-,B+,B,B-,C+,C,C-,D+,D,F. Then the A would be equal to 0 and the F would be the highest grade 10. Swap that around to: