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Assign resource just to one student

Mary Cooch
Re: Assign resource just to one student
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Hi. I did read your original post but the difficulty I found was in the fact that you want to distribute the projects randomly. For example it is very easy to set the same assignment to individuals (by putting them in separate groups) and it is easy to let learners choose their own project, by adding them all as Choice options. But it is the random allocation that I am struggling to find a solution for- it would be very interesting to see any suggestions.

If you didn't have hundreds of students, you could do it with the contributed group choice plugin.

  • Make the required number of groups and add them to the group choice 
  • Learners pick a group -the groups are simply numbered group 1, 2 etc
  • They are then automatically put in a group. You will have already then set up individual assignments with the project details for each of those projects.

That would work with twenty or so -but for any more,the organisation of it would be cumbersome I think.

Maybe there is an obviously simple way we are overlooking?

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Fra Par
Re: Assign resource just to one student

Thank you Mary for your kind answer.

I will have a look at the contributed group choice plugin to check how it works (not sure I already tried it).

As you said, not sure the "grouping" process fits the need for a large number of students.

Hopefully someone will come up with a suggestion or a new plugin for this.

Thanks again


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