Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

Mary Cooch
Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
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It’s Moodle’s 15th birthday on 20 August! We would love to hear about your memorable Moodle moments in the last 15 years, so please share them here. Share pictures, videos, images, anything you’d like, so that we can build a memory bank as we approach another big birthday in 5 years' time! Or if you simply want to just say happy birthday, post your birthday messages here as well. Thanks everyone!
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Ben talking on the phone beside a monitor
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
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The first time I demonstrated how to restore a course, which was the first time I restored a course, I restored it into the front page of the production server. I learned many things about a modular object oriented dynamic learning environment in the next 45 minutes. Happy Birthday, Martin's dissertation!

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Picture of Serge B.
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
as a new member of moodle,i don't have more informations about it.But i know moodle is an important tool for education and languages's learning .Happy birthday to moodle and may God bless all members of moodle.
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Picture of S. kavita
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
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A very very happy birthday to MOODLE and Martin!!!!!!

happy birthday

Its been 6 years since I am working on MOODLE. I have started my career with MOODLE. I have given my presentation on MOODLE 2.0 and from there i started to know closely about MOODLE. It had given me my career, my confidence. 

I made my first post on moodle forum on Oct 4, 2011.

I Love my work because I love MOODLING. Hope to see & share many more birthday of MOODLE.

Love you MOODLE smile 

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Picture of uma pathy
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

Wish you many more Happy Returns of the Day! Msmilesmiledle!

I started my carrier by your hands. It has been 6 years, I have passed a lots of colorful and delightful moments. Because of you only!

You really make me very interest to search about you.

I wish you to be always growing up. I believe, like me others also having very interest on you and gaining knowledge.

My best wishes for your future planning and updates.

I am keep watching you!

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Picture of Chris Kenniburg
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
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The thing that continually amazes me is the Moodle community.  

Hundreds of people working together and sharing knowledge to build a better tool or solve a problem.  Maybe you are just looking for a better way to teach something or a tool that can help students better understand the content.  You can find good answers in the Moodle forums.  It's been a real treat to work with several key people to help build add-ons and modules.  Getting feedback,  suggestions, and help from across the globe is truly amazing to experience.  

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Ray Lawrence
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
Particularly helpful Moodlers

I've been working with Moodle for many years since 2002/2003 and during that time I’ve seen lots and lots of versions and lots of new features.

Throughout that time there’s one aspect of Moodle that had remained constant and is often overlooked in the focus on the technology itself.

One of the Great, Great things about Moodle is that it truly is a force for good. Education is fundamental to empower people and everything about Moodle is geared to fulfill that aim.

The fact that it’s free and accessible to all but still powerful enough to be suitable for almost any context is unparalleled in the world of learning platforms.

But that's not good enough if it’s unresponsive to modern day needs and isn't a good long-term solution. To address this one of Moodle's key strengths is its three-pronged focus on the Moodle community and their real-world needs, strong oversight and development by Moodle HQ plus ongoing and sustainable funding from Moodle Partners.

Moodle is independent and progressive. The fact that it’s open source and can't be closed down, taken over or subverted by bad actors means that its place in the future of empowerment through learning is assured.

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Ben talking on the phone beside a monitor
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
Particularly helpful MoodlersTesters

> The fact that it’s free and accessible to all but still powerful enough to be suitable for almost any context is unparalleled in the world of learning platforms.

Yes siree, sir! I hope giving this line a +1 is not the kiss of death big grin

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Picture of Matt Porritt
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

Happy Birthday!

This tracker still makes me laugh: https://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-15169

Still open too... 

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Fernanda Ricou
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

I´ve moodling for the past 6 years and counting!
It all started in my school with version 1.9.x, now using 3.3.1.

What a great experience! for fun, quickly & easily done moodle-work!
Much MORE that meet the eyes – all its new approaches available for innovative teaching & learning allowing for more engaged Students than ever!
Always looking forward for new releases and the news and improvements that come with them!
Keep going! We count ON YOU!

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Picture of Natalie Denmeade
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

The memory that comes to mind is my first MoodleMoot in Sydney 2011 (ish) .. Martin was on stage and looked up at the huge audience and said "wow ... Moodle has gone mainstream!". Many Moodlemoots later, I still recall how impressed I was to discover and understand OpenSource and Collaboration and proud to be a part of it. 

It has been a wild ride since and I am sad I have missed the last few Aussie moots.. one day.. I will make it back again! (Anyone keen on a MoodleMoot in Zanzibar?)

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Picture of Dag Klimas
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

"It started with a kiss .... "* no, with a course wink  it was at 20040221. Not 15 years online  - 14 and a half. The server was running under my desktop, and I think, it was Moodle 1.1.1.

From 2004 together with André I organize every second month a local meeting in Berlin for Moodle - the last one was in 2016. In december 2009 we organize a Meeting with Martin under the railwaysystem in Berlin (Artenschutztheater). At this time, trains drives from Moscow to Paris (and other destinations in Europe).

Since 2005 I am part of different moodle-conferences / moots in Germany and Austria. On every visited coference, I give in workshops, keynote and else my moodle and teaching know how to other guests. At the last moot in Mannheim, in Martins presentation was the moodle mission. Here the docs version - at the conference, was a little different.

The last days I have contact with Petra Vanessie from moodle.com and she made this visual:
Moodle 15 years
Please take this visual to tell all the world, that moodle has many experience with supporting educators.

Today I am the moodle main instructor from eLeDia (the german moodle partner). For this answer, I have looked, my first moodle teaching course was in summer 2005. Parts of this training (-> structure and basics) I use today, but with actual contend wink

Men in MoodleHere a photo after a special training for people from Nigeria , together with (Feedback)-Andreas. Intern we named it "men at moodle"  - like "men in black".
Over a year I have more than 100 moodle trainings, workshops, webinars and so on. Thanks to our customers - 10% from the  volume of sales goes to the moodle project.

Round about twelve years using and teaching moodle, is this not unamusing? NO, there are nice people with different ideas for teaching. And moodle can do wink   (In germany on company says O2 can do). And two times a year, there are new funktions to test, to translate for the german language package (thanks to Ralf & Ralf), or give feedback to the docs (thanks to Gisela).

Dear Martin, the word`s from 2008 at the railway station are today also actual: Thank you for "making" moodle. With moodle, you have found a modern way to build bridges - not with steel and stones, but with informations.

Dag from Berlin

*Song from Hot Chocolate (a Group as I was young - a long time ago wink )
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Picture of Khushbu Nathani
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

I have been using Moodle since many years, it gave me carrier and I am thankful to Moodle for that.

I have also cleared MCCC exam and i feel proud to be MCCC certified.

In each new versions, Moodle brings lots of new features which makes its more and more interesting.

I like to keep Moodling!!smilesmilesmile

Hey Moodle!!! 

Wishing you a 15th Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday

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BW and family
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

Around June 2003 I discovered Moodle and started experimenting with it on my own server to see if this was something we wanted to provide as a service to our clients. By October I was convinced it was so I became active in the community, wrote a basic how-to doc which covered Moodle 1.2 and decided we would promote it here in the U.S.  All happy memories - congrats to Team Moodle! smile

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Picture of Tom Murdock
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
Moodle HQ

I have spent about 15 years using Moodle as an excuse to talk, think, and learn about teaching. The Moodle project empowers me the same way a soccer coach might love a green playing field in the evening, a van full of worn-out students, and everyone's impulse to "make things even better" tomorrow.

Happy 15th Birthday, Moodle and Moodlers.

Throwback: https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=270#p1127

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Picture of Helen Foster
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
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A memorable moment: Creating an account on moodle.org in 2004 and being too shy to use a picture of me or my real name, so using a photo of my cat and calling myself Wild girl.

Despite this, Martin himself, and Howard, replied to my first post Importing quizzes from Learnwise. smile

Happy 15th Birthday Moodle!

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Picture of Marcus Green
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
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I had spent several years building my own quiz engines and then in May 2003 I discovered Moodle and my second forum post encouraged the continued use of the GPL license and funding development through services rather than selling code.

That summer I went on a walking holiday to Hadrians Wall. Well my companions did the walking and I did the "logistics", which meant driving them to the wall, going back to the cottage and firing up my laptop and delving deeper into Moodle. The more I delved the more I liked it.  After a while I decided that  it would be my lifetime mission to make the world a slightly better place via Moodle. 

Sometimes it seems the online world has been eaten by advertising, big finance and mass surveillance. Moodle is a wonderful exception, may it long continue to be so.


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Picture of Mojito Jione
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

Moodle has been part of my life since my undergrad years in 2007. Little did I know it would become a central part of my career. In 2011 I worked for the same uni I studied at, as an Edtechy. We were using Moodle 1.9 then, to look back at how much Moodle has changed over the years, its been an amazing experience. I attended my first Moodle Moot in Aus in 2014 and met for the first time Martin and some of team behind Moodle. In 2015 I completed my MCCC. We are now on v3.1 and enjoying the new features Moodle has to offer.

Thank you Martin and Co. for providing the Pacific Islands the opportunity to connect and learn.

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Mary Cooch
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
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I feel like a relative newcomer in contrast with some of the long-standing Moodlers here, having first used Moodle in 2006. I actually started posting here in 2007 but under a different name. My first  post as myself was in April 2008:

My first Moodle post

And, similar to Ben Reynold's memory, around then I got my Dream of being given admin rights to my school Moodle and the power to edit the front page. At that time my school was gaining kudos for using Moodle as a school website as well as a learning platform and we would display the regularly updated front page of Moodle on a large interactive (touch sensitive) smartboard in our staffroom. One morning a very high-powered Education Advisor was coming to visit our school and admire our use of Moodle and I, in my then innocence/ignorance attempted to update the front page by copying and pasting from MS Word.  I totally corrupted it, an hour before this VIP was due to arrive! Fortunately the site on the staffroom whiteboard was cached, still displaying the original page, so we stuck "post-it" notes all around the side of the white board DO NOT TOUCH!!! in the hope nobody would try to change the page and showcase my error. I didn't know then how to fix such corrupted pages so we sent a panic message to our hosts who fixed it in time for our VIP guest, and  I calmly gave him a virtual tour of our school Moodle by tapping on our staffroom whiteboard with him  none the wiser of my initial panic. A couple of months later I ventured into Moodle documentation - checking nervously with Helen Foster beforehand - and the first major edit I made consisted of some instructions on how to fix your Moodle page if it gets corrupted by MS Word...

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Ben talking on the phone beside a monitor
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
Particularly helpful MoodlersTesters

I have followed you around for a very long time, Ms. Mary. It would be unprofessional for me to physically hug you about this post, but you can take a very professional virtual hug. 

And we can say, "Been there, screwed that up entirely and thoroughly. And didn't die."


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Picture of Csaba Vágvölgyi
Tárgy: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

Happy 15th Birthday Moodle!

I installed my first Moodle server in 2003. I think, that was love at first sight smile
Since then a have used every major version.  In 2006 we started the Hungarian MoodleMoot conference series, and this year will be the 12th Hungarian Moot.

My job is to administrate Moodle servers,to teach with Moodle, and to teach others the using of Moodle. So my job is full-time Moodler smile

Thank you Martin, thank you every HQ members, thank you every developer and translater, thank you helpful Moodle community!

Best wishes,
Csaba (a Moodler from Hungary)

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Richard Samson
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

I will always value the warmth and generosity of members of the Moodle community. So many people have helped me since I first used Moodle about 9 years ago. Thanks, all of you! You changed my life. A better world is possible and Moodle is showing the way. 

Meanwhile "Many happy returns to Moodle and Martin."

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Picture of K Scott Huntley
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

Happy 15th Moodle!

I've written a post here, but briefly, I really do love this community. It's amazing thinking of all the Moodlers I've met since becoming more involved in this community, and all the amazing projects we've worked on. Here's to many more years of Moodling!

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Picture of fero malo
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

Been working with Moodle for 13 years.

First at Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where I was part of the team that started the online training system for foreign service officials and public servants of the institution. From there on I've used it in academia (National Autonomous University of Mexico), international organizations (Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean), mixed [private/public, as Enova] and private initiatives (KidZania).

Thanks for all and congrats!


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Tim at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
Core developersDocumentation writersParticularly helpful MoodlersPlugin developers

Happy birthday Moodle & Martin.

Seems like an appropriate day to point out this corner of the Moodle docs that people might not have seen before: https://docs.moodle.org/33/en/You_Might_Be_a_Moodler

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Picture of Bruno Tavares
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

I've been administrating Moodle for the past 7 years, starting from zero-knowledge to a very comfortable self-taught usage.

If nothing more could be said, at least is a strongly intuitive system, with a very powerful core.

But it is much more than that, and I'm pleased to dig a bit more piece of info about it each day at work.

Happy 15th birthday. Moodle is now an adolescent, but a very mature one.

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Picture of Jon Bolton
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
Particularly helpful MoodlersTesters

In July, I realised I'd been using Moodle for 14 years.

In early 2003, I was approached by one of my former lecturers. She was looking for a website to host lecture notes and provide support materials. I thought, it’s 2003, there must be a better way of doing that than a simple website. We had no money but lots of time and expertise. I scouted around and found a couple of open-source products, and very quickly fell in love with Moodle. It had to be live for the beginning of September 2003, and we started on version 1.0.9 smile

From the start, it was a hit with the students. Some of their feedback after the first year included comments like:

  • "I am very happy with all that the VLC has to offer. The service has more up to date information than you would find anywhere else. It's also it's easily accessible and that's important when working. Thank you!"
  • "I love this service, well done, it has been such a support to me."
  • "Brilliant, succinct site for such a vast topic.”
  • “Love this website – will use it constantly, I think."

 What we were able to do with Moodle then was ground-breaking. We were two individuals using a comprehensive online learning environment. That was normally only available to large organisations. It simply would not have been possible for us without Moodle.

Because Moodle is provided freely as open source software, we didn’t have to worry about licensing fees and could use our extremely limited personal funds to have it hosted. Nowadays of course, I would have started with MoodleCloud.

Here’s a snapshot from early 2004… https://web.archive.org/web/20040527004450/http://learningcentre.baillie.org.uk:80/

I have used Moodle almost every day since 2003. It has changed phenomenally over the time I’ve been using it - as I say, I started on version 1.0.9 and we’re now on 3.3.1. That’s 23 versions of major releases, and over 200 point releases in between.

It's fair to say that Moodle took my life in a different direction. In 2007, I was approached by HowToMoodle, a UK Moodle Partner, to do some consultancy and training for them.

In 2009, I moved to work with Synergy Learning, another UK Moodle Partner, and have done consultancy and training with them ever since.

In 2010, I also started to work part-time at a Scottish University, largely based on word of mouth about my work on Moodle.

I’ve used Moodle - in real life, not as a trainer - in a wide range of settings across local government, central government, the voluntary sector and academia. I’ve done consultancy and training in all of those sectors as well as large corporates and the emergency services.

Moodle is very pervasive. I’ve helped organisations use Moodle to support learning and development for bankers and barristers, firefighters and farmers, health workers and hairdressers, judges and janitors, police officers and pilots, soldiers and social workers, train drivers and telephone engineers. Even my dentist and vet use it! Hmm, maybe I should do a full A to Z smile

Until 2010, I used to work less than 3 miles away from my office. My total daily commute was about 15 minutes. But according to an app on my phone, I’ve racked up approximately 48,500 air miles (and 184 flying hours!) on Moodle-related business in the last 5 years (and that’s not including trains and car journeys). I’ve worked all over the UK as well as in Europe, Switzerland, Jordan and Nigeria… and I’m heading to Zurich next week and Tanzania the week after. I’ve met people and formed friendships because of Moodle. I’m also a moderator of a couple of forums on moodle.org and that’s a great way of being to put something back into Moodle.

When I started using moodle.org, it was just a few weeks after I’d started using the software. The community was like a village - only a few thousand people. My user number is in the low 000s. Most people “knew” each other (although obviously it was international and virtual). I remember contributing to a virtual baby shower for Martin Dougiamas’ second child… Thomas is now, what, probably 13? But now, moodle.org is like a metropolis. There are millions of people using Moodle and contributing to the community - and that’s fantastic.

Happy birthday Moodle!

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Picture of Eric Hagley
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
Many happy returns Moodle. You have made my teaching better. The community is a wonderful part of Moodle and I thank all those that do so much for others. I started in 2004 with Moodle and have loved using it to accomplish much. Thank you to Martin, in particular, but also to everyone involved. 
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Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

My recent letter to Martin is below and I *almost* got an answer from him!

Martin Twitter

Dear Martin,

I have to admit you were (and are) my first open source crush; someone who invented a course management system and then shared it for free? Oh, yes!

When I heard about Moodle around 2007, I set about creating my own on my little internet space. When I connected a class of students, my little space couldn't handle it and, lo and behold, right then my state of Oregon began hosting moodles for schools for free. I created one for our entire district and ran it myself above and beyond my duties as a Spanish teacher and library media specialist.

Our tech department was fine with the idea as long as they didn't have to run anything. I got a grant to do training and connected quite a few of the high school teachers and built these awesome Spanish classes. What fun!

When you gave a MoodleMoot speech in 2011, my single-handed little moodle (Ashland School District) was included on your slide of example schools and my heart soared.

AHS Moot Speech


I had been a Fulbright Exchange Teacher to the Peruvian Amazon in 2005-2006 so when a new program called "Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching" that included an action research project was announced, I applied. My project was a language learning exchange between the high school of the University of Guanajuato, Mexico (where I had been an undergraduate and a professor in the Center for Autodidactic Language Learning (like a library for self learning of languages), and my high school in Ashland, Oregon, using Moodle, of course!

I was selected and developed some wonderful activities for language learning and exchange. I spent 6 months in Guanajuato running the class with great success. Our online exchange became an actual in-person exchange as we later visited each other's respective cities and countries.

The downside to this was my district would not let me run my moodle remotely and gave it to the district technology workers to run. They killed it. They didn't know what they were doing (and I suspect did not want to learn). Not being teachers, they had no idea what they were losing.

So, I've been biding my time, but.... I'm due to retire soon and I'm getting ready for my next life (in Spanish they call it the third age!)

During my time in the Amazon, I saw how desperate the educational needs of the students of the rivers were. I am returning this summer with several solar projection units with Raspberry Pi 3s full of content in Spanish curated by World Possible into a RACHEL and with the technology assistance of Powering Potential who in Tanzania has already accomplished my goal of access to information in remote locations in the Amazon. I will be visiting with Mundo Posible in Guatemala on my way down to see their installations. They have added the Guatemalan national curriculum to their RACHELs which I'm hopeful to do in Peru.

I read that Moodle runs on a Raspberry Pi and, though, I haven't had time yet to make my own, I'm very hopeful that Moodle can be integrated into the RACHEL. There is so much awesome content on the RACHEL, but no management system. My other loooong term goal is to somehow create an ESL English moodle class that could be deployed on the RACHEL, as well. Or if not on the RACHEL, then on a Raspberry Pi.

The Amazon is an amazing place. People can mostly feed themselves from fish from the river and plants such as yucca and they know how to make their canoe and floating house. The hard part is little access to health care (many tropical diseases) and no jobs. Iquitos has a terrible infant sexual tourism trade. Although illegal, people sell their children and teens like I'm sure you have heard of in other places, such as Thailand.

If people can speak English, they can get a job in the legitimate robust tourism industry. As an English teacher in Peru on my Fulbright, I met many teachers, English and otherwise.  All Peruvian school children receive at least 2 hours a week of English. However, they don't progress. The English teachers are mostly low level speakers and many are hardly understandable due to poor pronunciation. They would go to an English speaking country to perfect their English, but lack the opportunity and are paid so poorly that most work two jobs just to survive.

With my experience teaching Spanish through Moodle, I know that an articulated English class could be created with audio and video that would train not only the students, but also the teachers.

In the meantime, the RACHEL is a digital library in Spanish that functions as if they had internet when they don't and it runs on solar. My goal this summer is to bring at least one unit, if not more, to the research station of Project Amazonas to be used with the school near their research station in Santa Cruz. I'm also going on their medical boat as a translator for a week up to remote villages on area rivers.

Of course, I have been following Mary Cooch and Helen Foster for years. My dream would be to create the ESL class with them and, of course, come to Perth and see the Moodle Headquarters.

Thank you for your time and for your "social constructionist models of teaching and learning online," and for not being a greedy capitalist smile


Dana Rensi



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Matt Bury
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle
Particularly helpful MoodlersPlugin developers

I've just realised, I've been using Moodle for 9 years, since 2006! (Moodle 1.8?)

I've had many long evenings and sometimes nights exploring and experimenting with Moodle to see what it can do and I still keep finding new ways of doing things and new things to do.

And of course, the best thing is definitely the Moodle.org community. A truly knowledgeable and generous spirited group of people?

Moodle totally converted me to FOSS and openness in education in general. Great to see Moodle is putting material support into open educational resources (OER) and open access research too. It's openness and community, rather than technology, that is changing education for the better.

Happy 15th birthday Moodle!

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Picture of Deependra Singh
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

Happy Birthday MOODLE

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Picture of rob stewart
Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

Happy birthday, been using Moodle for a while now and still learning as much as the intended users! smile

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Re: Happy 15th Birthday Moodle

I wish Happy Birthday to Moodle.


The accompanying song celebrates the sound-like product - strudel. (The strudels of thin pastry enriched with fat are sweet in Central Europe, especially in Czech republic, Austria and Slovak.)
The corps depicts enthusiasm similar to MoodleMoot.

Moodler Bohuš Havel

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