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Developing learning progressions using scenarios on Moodle

Mary Cooch
Re: Developing learning progressions using scenarios on Moodle
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Hello again and thanks for replying. I would suggest a couple of things:

  1. Think again about learning styles; they were very fashionable some years ago but are very much dismissed these days. (Do a Google search of Daniel Willingham - 'Learning styles don't exist' for example.) (And if you really really need to write about learning styles, there is a questionnaire plugin which allows teachers to create learning style questionnaires for their students, but it is not in standard Moodle sites.)
  2. I am not sure what you mean by 'Moodle is not an adaptive system' since you can set up Moodle activities to personalise learninge experiences for students. A student gets below 50% in an activity -they are automatically directed to some extra practice. A student gets a high grade -they are automatically directed to an extension task. If the teacher so decides to use Moodle like this.
  3. It is good that you used Moodle as a student. However, you are not going to be able to do your assignment if you don't know how Moodle works as a teacher. I suggest you either (a) join Moodle HQ's free MOOC Teaching with Moodle which will show you how to teach with Moodle - or (b) get a free MoodleCloud site and learn on your own how to set up Moodle's teaching activities, coming back here for support when needed.

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