Wiki for case studies

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Wiki for case studies

I want to set up an activity on Moodle for medical case-based discussions between facilitators and students. There are likely to be about 60+ cases posted.

Facilitators want to be able to put up cases for discussion in PowerPoint format.  Students will need to be able to discuss these cases as well as being able to upload their own cases. It would be good if all materials and discussions related to a particular case were kept together.

So far I have tried the following:

  • set up a discussion but the discussion activity doesn't allow uploads of PowerPoint or PDF files
  • set up a wiki for each case. I'm concerned about the number of wikis that would need to be created. Students can upload files and start a new discussion but these are all related to that particular case.
  • Tried to have a multiple page wiki but it didn't allow files to be attached to a particular page/case.

Any suiggestions??

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Mary Cooch
Re: Wiki for case studies
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Quick question - when you say "set up a discussion but the discussion doesn't allow uploads of PPT or PDF files", are you talking about forums? They do allow such uploads, but it might be  your max upload size is not big enough to allow uploads of large power point files. YOu could check this in the forum settings and also the course settings (and check with the admin) 

Do you know what version of Moodle you are using? Go to a page where you have teacher editing rights and click the "Moodle docs for this page' link at the bottom - it should tell you a number which is the number of your version of Moodle.

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