Moodle research can this be added to this forum description?

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Picture of ryan sanders can this be added to this forum description?   can this be added to this forum description? so when you goto you see link to in the description of this forum?

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Re: can this be added to this forum description?, announcements can be amalgamated with forum discussions....why not?


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Re: can this be added to this forum description?
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Hi, Ryan.

I'm not sure exactly what relationship between the site and this forum you think should be promoted.

We did have research discussions on, but they were happening in a place that was separate from the main user community. That is why we established this forum here and it's where we should focus our research discussions now.

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Re: can this be added to this forum description?

its called history! and learning! and without need to having to repeat all the stuff all over again!

this is not a brick and mortar school. were each new year brings a new set of students.  it is the internet. it takes time to build up and show notation of past doings. i honestly see no difference between what ever ya thought you had going, and this forum. beyond moving to this forum. to keep everything more centralized. a good thing.    call the link "old research place" or "archived research" or some such. filing stuff away into the past. never to be seen again. except some rare chance search brings it up. *frowns*. 

for myself it would have been awesome to have the link in the description of this forum. so i could look back at previous doings.  instead of wasting a bunch of extra time. looking about trying to find info.  and repeating what many other folks including yourself michael have already went through.  i do not like having to go back and re-figure stuff out.  rather learn what has been already been done, and help build with it. vs starting from scratch. 

it makes no sense to me, in hiding the 

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