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Moodle Mobile push notification for Activities

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Moodle Mobile push notification for Activities

Hi all,


I recently added a post in the "Activities" forum but it may be more relevant to add it here.  I'll add it here and remove from the other one.

We are planning to use the Feedback activity in order to create micro surveys, more than likely on a weekly basis.  IT will serve the academics to get a sense of how students are going with the course.  The results will then be exported for analysis.  One requirement that was brought to us is to have the ability to use push notification to alert students that a new survey is available. 

We are exploring doing this with Moodle Mobile and use the push notification features of it.

Has anyone done anything like this before? I am after some guidance on whether the "feedback" activity can indeed be wrapped/used via the Moodle Mobile and whether a push notification can be triggered when a feedback active survey is active?

Any advice is appreciated.



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Re: Moodle Mobile push notification for Activities
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Push notifications are connected to the messages system in Moodle (in your profile settings, you can configure how you want to receive messages from Moodle)

As far as I remember, there are a couple of messages send by the Feedback module (feedback notifications and feedback remember) if the user configure to receive that type of notifications to their mobile device he will receive it

But I think that those notifications are send only for the teacher when someone ask a feedback


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