Hide Future Activities in Gradebook?

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Hide Future Activities in Gradebook?
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The course start date is used to meter out the activities as the weeks unfold (when used in the Weekly course Format).  Problem is that the gradebook allows students to access all activities in future weeks, which kind of defeats the purpose.  I know teachers can get around this by hiding/unhiding individual activities along the way, but this is is a rather complicated and time-consuming workaround. 

Is it possible to get the list of activities in the gradebook to mirror the activities that are available to students in the weekly sections?  in other words, if a course is in week 1, students should only see week 1 activities in the gradebook (activities in week 2+ should be hidden in the gradebook).

Any ideas on how to do that? I saw some discussion about this here, but this thread is 7 years old. Has any progress been made on this issue since then?  Is this functionality possible in Moodle 2.5?