Current grade excluding future assignments

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Current grade excluding future assignments
Is there a way to force the gradebook to display the current grade excluding future assignments?

In Michael Penney's Sat, 23 Oct 2004, 12:22 AM post in he wrote "We're working on a feature that will show students their current grade out of the number of points they've attempted eg 'you are getting a B so far'." in response to a question like mine.  Has this feature been dropped or was it never completed?

In the same thread mentioned above, Michael provides a couple of temporary fixes.
(1) "if you are using weighted categories might be to leave them uncategorized until graded. Assign 0% to that category in the weighting."  I tried this, and I still get the 'F' grade posted.  Maybe I am doing something wrong.  I know I could turn off the letter grade display, but that misses the point.  I want the students to know how they are doing in the class as of today, and I don't want them to have to manually calculate their grade--not that they couldn't do it, but the gradebook should do's math, it's a computer...why waste human effort doing what the computer can do.
(2)"drop the appropriate number of scores to correspond to the ungraded assignments, or give them a point value of zero until they are graded."  Maybe I am lazy, but I do not want to go through every assignment and give it a point value of zero just so I can go back and every other day change one of the assignments back to the correct point value.

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Re: Current grade excluding future assignments
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For the long term fix, it is going to have to wait until someone finds the resources for a centralized grades table.

For the work around, check in your preferences, set the letter grade to use weighted rather than raw %.
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Re: Current grade excluding future assignments
I feel your pain, because this my big gripe with the gradebook smile

The easiest solution I have found for this is to DISABLE the student's ability to see their own letter grade, and just tell them the points possible (so far) and allow them to calculate their own letter grades. (I know, not the solution you were looking for...).

Also, under the SET WEIGHTS Help button (?), the following is said:

"Hidden: if this box is checked it will remove a category from display and also from grade calculation. This an easy way to only add items to the gradebook after they have been graded. Since graded items that have not been categorized will automatically be assigned to "Uncategorized" you can set the "Uncategorized" category to hidden and then as you grade items move them to whichever category you like and students can then see their grade."

Unfortunately, UNCATEGORIZED items end up in the total points calculation. I wish that weren't the case, as then there would be an easy solution to all of this smile

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Re: Current grade excluding future assignments
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Recalculating total points with the current gradebook seems like it would be very resource (not to mention code) intensive due to the way grades are stored and retrieved in the current system.

Making this work well will likely require a centralized grades table and changes in all the modules to implement it. Someone will need to find resources and develop a plan to implement it (others have suggested ad hoc improvements that might incrementally get us closer, however I think they still require some sort of plan to make sure we all get closer to the same place).

Anyway, in the current system, hide points from students, just show weighted & weight uncategorized to 0. When you use the hidden function, then it will just show the students their current running total based on weight.
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Re: Current grade excluding future assignments
The way I get future grades to be ignored:

1.  Set the uncategorized category to hidden.
2.  Set the gradebook to not show hidden categories
3.  Place all future assignments in this category
4.  When done grading an assessment, move it to the correct category.

They'll show up on the calendar and in the course, but won't be put into the grade.  I hope I'm not depending on a big for this to work....

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Re: Current grade excluding future assignments
I too have all my assignments set up and categorized well ahead of time with respective  points value.  In order to avoid the future assignments from being included in the current grade calculation, I check the checkbox for Extra Credit.  My procedure is to uncheck that box when the assignment comes around.

It would be great if moodle could display current grade based on assignments up to that point, and also display a grade based on all future assignments - this feature could be helpful for situations when a student wishes to know what their grade would be if they bombed the last test.  Moodle could base the calculations from the assignment dates.  One can wish...