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edit text on the login page

We recently installed Moodle 2.2.  It was too much of a hassle to upgrade from v1.8.13 so we just went with a new install.

In v1.8, we were able to easily modify text in the Login page, but now I cannot find where or how to do that in v2.2.  I have clicked Settings -> Language -> Language Customization and opened the English-US language pack for editing. 

I select Core/moodle.php to search and I have the options of searching Only strings containing and String identifier.   It's a little fuzzy on what is meant by "strings containing."  I'm looking for a text string and table with results shows: Component / String / Standard text / Local customisation.

I'm looking for the text in the Standard text column.  Does the search option "Only strings containing" search for text in the Standard text column or only text in the String column which is text like activities_help with a corresponding Standard text entry of "Activities, such as forums, quizzes and wikis, enable interactive content to be added to the course"

What I'm looking for, specifically, is the text the user sees on the Login page: To log in, please enter your MMS username and password.

I would expect that text "string" to appear in the Standard text column OR in the Local customisation column.  I don't expect to find it in the String column.  How do I find it?  Can it be found?  I also searched in the Core/access.php

All I want to do is edit text, nothing fancy.

Anyone have an idea how I can find what I'm looking for and edit it? Thanks,


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Re: edit text on the login page
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Re: edit text on the login page

Hi madea,

If you are talking about the page "/login/index.php" 

The string supposed to be in moodle.php file. 

But I prefer to just search all of the files together. 

The string will appear in the "Standard text" columb.

Make sure to type in the words by yourself in the "Only strings containing" field.

Good Luck, 



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Re: edit text on the login page

I found the answer to my dilemma... but it was hard digging...

Thanks for your input, Ken Task.  I found that option of Site Administration / Plugins / Authentication / Manage Authentication - and then enter information in the Instructions box.  However, that did not replace the current text - which is what I wanted.  It just added more information to the right of the text I wanted to replace.  Thanks for your tip, though, Ken.

Hanan helped by confirming how "string" is defined in the search options.  Because of the complexity of the product, it is essential, I believe, that synonyms for terms not be introduced.  Synonyms introduce confusion and unintended consequences.  

The filter options refer to Only strings containing  and String identifier.  However the table the search generates has columns named  String and Standard text and Local customization.  Since my search value (To log in, please enter your MMS username and password.) did not generate a result, I was confused.  This phrase is on the login page.  I could see it.  Consequently, I wondered if the the search option was only looking for "strings" and I was looking for what was in the Standard text column.  By fixing the search option labels, this confusion can be eliminated: map the search labels with the column headings.  Standard text may or may not be the same as "string," but who knows?

Anyway, the real reason my search attempts all failed was because whoever installed this version of moodle (v2.2), hardcoded the text and commented out the loginusing option (or string identifier)!!!  Bad! Bad! Bad! 

Hard digging to find this error, but once we found it, the fix was easy using the moodle tools.  Problem resolved.



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