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Large course performance

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Large course performance

We are evaluating Moodle 2.5 for use in our company. We do not want to use "courses" in the usual context of "subjects". Instead we use courses to send learners from various departments into their respective "classrooms". For instance, we have courses and cohorts called "Service Teams", "Channel Partners", "Senior Management" and so on. Each cohort is enrolled in its corresponding course. So learners from one cohort don't see or worry about other courses in the system.

With this comes the challenge of having "infinite" courses in our system. In an educational setting, you would expect a course to have a finite number of activities or resources. In our case, a course is just a container for quizzes, files, and presentations that we keep uploading all year round. As you can imagine, the course could end up being huge. 

I am inclined to use the "weekly topic format", but am worried about performance. Once we start using the system, a large course could affect performance. Wondering if there is a nice way to deal with this situation? I was hoping there would be an option to "paginate" a course but I couldn't find anything relevant. 

I welcome any other tips on how I could structure the system for our use case.



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Re: Large course performance

Although you characterize the information as infinite, it most certainly will be finite if you are using Moodle as a training environment; eventually, your learners will learn all they need to know.  However, if you are using Moodle as an intranet repository, that may not be ideal.

My company will be using an external wiki to store training and reference materials, which will ever grow with the company and it's products.  Materials that are part of defined training programs will be linked into Moodle as URL resources using the topic format.  We're essentially using Moodle solely for organization of the training programs and completion tracking.  Materials not part of training programs will still be accessible on the wiki itself.

You can specify the number of topic sections that appear on each course page.  It's either in the global course settings on in each course's settings; I don't remember which.  This will in no way restrict the number of materials you can place into each topic section, though, so if not managed properly you could still end up with giant pages.

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