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Create custome syllabus for individual students

Floyd Saner - Tail of the Dragon, U.S. 129, NC
Re: Create custome syllabus for individual students
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Two ways to create individualized syllabi come to mind.  There may be other ways.

Individual Wiki

  1. Create a personal wiki (standard wiki, with Wiki Mode set to 'Individual wiki'.
  2. Open the wiki - there will be a dropbox with 'Select' in it.  Click on that and select the student for whom you want to create a syllabus.
  3. Enter the syllabus information for that student. 
  4. You may want to change the wiki permissions (see settings block) so students cannot edit the wiki.

Forum with Groups (but this is really messy - I'd go with the Wiki option)

  1. Create Groups with one person in each group.
  2. Create a Simple discussion forum and set it to Group mode.
  3. Open the forum and post the syllabus for each student  (group).
  4. What makes this a bit messy is that the default group names are Group 1, Group 2, etc.  In order to know which student a group refers to, you have to change the group name to the associated student's name.


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Re: Create custome syllabus for individual students

To springboard off Floyd's second option, another option is to create a group for each individual student and simply upload a file resource of each syllabus.  Restrict access to only the appropriate group/student and set each resource to be completely hidden when inaccessible.  I realize that's a lot of resources for the teacher view so you may want to put all of them inside a folder resource.

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