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How to edit old web pages from Moodle 1 in Moodle 2?

I've been teaching a course in Moodle 1 for a few years.  Generally, every semester, I go in to the existing course web pages (originally set up using CSS) and edit the html code from within my Moodle site, adding new assignments, materials, dates, times, etc. My Articulate presentations are embedded in these, along with links to all kinds of external materials (streamed video content, etc).

I do not have the original files stored anywhere except Moodle (and no longer have access to Dreamweaver to save and edit outside Moodle), so how do I edit web pages?  I can see them in my Legacy files, but there does not seem to be a way to edit.

Does this mean I have to create all my course content again some how?

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James Richardson
Re: How to edit old web pages from Moodle 1 in Moodle 2?

Hello D M!

If you can access the files on the server and you can use ftp, you can try using a free HTML editor like Edit Plus or Notepad++ to connect to your server and edit your files.

Best Regards,
James R

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