forum ratings not averaged

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Re: forum ratings not averaged

 I'm hoping for a little clarity regarding my question above.


I found this tracker that seems related, but it appears to have been fixed a year ago:

If I'm using 2.3, why is it that the ratings aren't beeing averaged correctly?  Why are they presented as integers, and not including decimal points?  For example, in a test case, a post was given 2 rates of 9 and 6, summing to 15, making the rating 7.5

Instead, I get a rounding up to 8. 


I'd like it to read 7.5


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Re: forum ratings not averaged

Possible easy problem/fix: In your gradebook, select Settings tab, check what is set in the Overall decimal points field. Do you have it set to zero?

Possible more complex problem/fix: If easy fix didn't work, is this forum using a custom scale? You mentioned in original post you were using a scale but in second post you just mentioned numbers.

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Re: forum ratings not averaged

Hi Marty, I am facing a similar issue. I have a forum with 'Sum of ratings' as aggregate type and I am using a custom scale I created (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,20,30,40,120). All student postings have been rated and they should all add up to around 100 or 110. 

But the gradebook shows 120 (max grade) for all students. Any advice?

Thank you.