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Installing wildcard HTTPS to apache win server

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Installing wildcard HTTPS to apache win server

I have a wildcard cert generated via iis6, which has been exported as .pfk (with private key), but can also be exported as a .cer or .p7b

I am having trouble understanding how to install the cert into appache, so that I can enable https on moodle (specificly the login page).


Does anyone have any instructions on how to do this on a windows appache server? I haven't had much luck finding instructions for it.

The cert provider also makes their global root CA and their level 1 CA availible to establish the cert as a trusted cert.

they have some instructions, but it is limited as it is intended for linux.

If any one could help it would be appreciated.

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Re: Installing wildcard HTTPS to apache win server
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I got these instructions from our certificates provider, which I used to install them (.crt, with the intermediary files) on linux Apache servers. The drill should be exactly the same for windows, except you'd use windows paths (e.g. c:\apache\certs to keep them in):,1,95

Hope that helps.

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