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upload/copy courses to fresh moodle install

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upload/copy courses to fresh moodle install

Is it possible to upload / copy my courses from 1.9.4 to a fresh install of 2.3.1??


If so, how? 

I have the moodledata/uploaddata available just not sure how to get it into new install.

Please help


Bill Block

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Re: upload/copy courses to fresh moodle install
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One can attempt a restore of the 1.9.x courses to a 2.3.x.

Although your mileage might vary ... 1.9.4 is rather old.

Create a File System Repository in your 2.3.x and call it something like '19courses'.   Via other means of uploading files (ftp/scp) upload all the 1.9 backups you'd like to restore to the '19courses' folder.


One could then create a simple cateogry and course for 'courserestores'.  In the 'courserestores' course, create a link to the file system repo called '19courses'.  Use the 'restore' link in the 'courserestores' course to attempt restoring the 1.9.4 courses to your 2.3.x.

If the restore process is successful, only activites and resources for which there is a 'handler' in 2 will be restored.  Users of the 1.9.x course will not be included in the restore.

Also, if there were any addon blocks/mods, etc. used in the 1.9.4 courses, those won't 'make the trip' either.

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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