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How to Configure network

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How to Configure network

In step 2 

Configure network

If use for organized I need to choose internet ,it's right 

and how to insert this code inline ?

auto interface
iface interface inet static
  address the.ip.address
  gateway your.gateway

or every where in my notepad.

sory, for my english not good or very bad because I can speak a little bit.

♣_♣ Thanks a lot for answer. ☺_☺ 

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Re: How to Configure network
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Yes, it is right. See, third column.

For details about the system software, you must find your own sources, for example. Other possibilities are books, forums, newsgroups, ....
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ตอบ: Re: How to Configure network

Hi Visvanath Ratnaweera  ,Thanks again for your kindness

Ok,I want to know if I use ubuntu server with moodle2.3 ,It's necessary to know about command ubuntu ?

you can tell me about command important to use with ubuntu server for main control.


You understand sentence on the top. Hahahaha

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Re: ตอบ: Re: How to Configure network
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Hi Kasemson,

You will need to know how to use Ubuntu in order to use it as a server. As Visvanath says, this is not a linux support forum. We can help you set up Moodle, but we do not provide general OS installation support. I'd really recommend reading some of the many guides out there on Ubuntu.

I would normally recommend using what you know - if you know Ubuntu, use Ubuntu; if you know Solaris, use Solaris; if you know Windows Server, then use Windows Server (and good luck).

Best wishes,


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