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Restoring courses


A student's assignment submission has gone missing and due to the course backups being overwriten I am not able to restore it via the course restore functionality in moodle.

I have a backup tape with the data on, but as we are using moodle 2.3 I can't just copy the file from the tape to restore it as they are not normal files any more.

Does anyone know how I could go about recovering this file?

Many thanks

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Re: Restoring courses
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I've had this situation before. Not to sound cynical, but the first thing I'd do is check that the student actually did submit something. You might find some information from Moodle's reports (in the admin menu) or course reporting if you've got that turned on. I usually just look through Moodle's mdl_log database table.

It sounds a bit 'guilty until proven innocent', but you wouldn't believe how often students say "I submitted it last week and your system is broken and it's not my fault", then I find out they haven't logged in to our Moodle in 6 months.

If it was simply a Word document in a Moodle assignment, do they have another copy they can upload? Most students won't delete work right after they've written it.

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Re: Restoring courses

According to the teacher they saw the assignment earlier, then went to mark it a few days later.

Apparently the student has lost their work from their file area.

Fishy I know.

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