Selecting the best enrollment method

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Selecting the best enrollment method

Hi, could you please advise me the best enrollment method for my case.

I have a number of job specific training courses (about 100) and about 3000 of students. Students are divided into different 140 groups according to their position\profession (server engineer, volunteer, telecom specialist etc). Each position\profession have to pass several set of courses relevant to their professional field.

Courses are appointed in accordance with training distribution matrix:

  Course about servers used General course Information security Course about laptops used
Server engineers 1 1 1  
Volunteers   1 1  
Desktop engineers   1 1 1

I'm using batch upload to upload users. Originally I was thinking about using meta course (meta link) for enrollment (shown on the picture), as I thought that if you enroll user to a metacourse it will be enrolled into all courses connected to this metacourse:

Sochi2014 job specific training students enrollment

But as I see now, this will not work, as enrollment using meta course link have the opposite direction: not from metacourse to many real courses, but from many courses to metacourse.

Could you please advise me the best enrollment method for enrolling groups of users to several predefined groups of courses simultaneously.

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