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Course Reports

Totally newbie question.  Moodle 2.4

I am both the admin and teacher of several courses on my site.  I have enabled Activity Tracking and Course Completion in the course.  I want to track and view a report of student activity by course for each student.  

When I go to Navigation > My Courses, it only lists one of the courses.  If I go to a specific course, and then click on Navigation, I see >My Courses (with the same course listed) and >Courses with the current course listed, but some Activities and Resources greyed out.

Needless to say, I'm confused.  Is there a document that explains how to use the Navigation block, because I can't find it?  Or can someone please explain what the difference is between Navigation>My Courses and Navigation>Courses is, and how I can get all of the Colelge's courses in one list?

Thank you.


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James Richardson
Re: Course Reports

Hello Rabbi Meilech Leib DuBrow!

The "Courses" are what the Administrator sees.

The "My Courses" are what the student sees.

The Administrator does not need to be enrolled to see all the "Courses". If you want your students to see all the courses in the "My Courses" section, you will need to enrol all your students into all the courses available.

I do have an article on Configuring the Navigation block in Moodle that may help a little. I think my How to Enrol a student in a Moodle course article would be more beneficial because you need to enrol all the users in all your courses for all of the courses to show up in the students navigation block. 

Try Enrolling one student into all the courses and then viewing that student profile to see if it appears the way you want. I hope this helped you.


James R


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Re: Course Reports

A user can only see the "Courses" or "My Courses". If you want to see both  go to;

Settings > Site Administration > Appearance > Navigation

Then tick the option "Show all courses". But this means all users can see all course categories.

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