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cron error message

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cron error message

I keep getting this cron error message. Anyone have any suggestions?

/bin/sh: line 1: 19236 Killed                  /opt/php53/bin/php /home/homenrgy/public_html/ > /dev/null

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Re: cron error message
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Looks like you are remotely hosted.  Does the hosting provider have an FAQ for how to run cron jobs on their system?  Did you use a control panel of some sort to create the cronjob?

Do you have shell access?  If so, what happens when one runs the command from the command line?

In looking at the error provided and without knowing specifics to hosting solution/provider, etc. looks like the system you are on considers your entry in whatever to be a shell script (/bin/sh) and since there is only one line ... shows it was killed by the operating system.

Wonder if a -f after the /opt/php53/bin/php would suffice for that system. docs for Cron jobs:

shows other methods.

It could be your remotely hosted system needs to have sudo or the cron.php file to be run/executed by it's owner, which is?

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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