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Unable to access site through localhost

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Unable to access site through localhost

Moodle 2.4


I have been using http://localhost/ to access my site for the last two weeks and suddenly it will not work.

Any Ideas


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Re: Unable to access site through localhost
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What happens when you try to access your site? Don't say 'nothing' wink

Remember, accessing as localhost will ONLY work from the SAME machine that Moodle is actually installed on. No other.

What is in your site's config.php file - the $CFG->wwwroot line?

What changed, however unrelated it may seem. Before you say nothing, something did!

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Mary Cooch
Re: Unable to access site through localhost
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Stan  - I can't remember how you have got your local host set up but sometimes when mine stops working I go to the wamp server ( mine is with a wamp server) and click on the icon to "start all services" It has an icoon that is usually green but if it is red I know I need to go and kick start it again. Take a look in the folder where your Moodle is and see if you have something like that. Maybe you have a "start Moodle" icon you can click?

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