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Logs Report


1) I installed Moodle 2.3 and I wants to the log report daily send to the Manager email ID Automatically.


2) I wants to edite the Student profile.

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James Richardson
Re: Logs Report

Hello Ketan Deore!

1. To have anything emailed to you automatically, you will need to set up a "Cron job" to have a script send you the data you need. This is a complicated process and may require you to contact a developer. Cron jobs need to be set up on your hosting server to work. Here is a link on this at Moodle docs called Moodle Cron. Unfortunately, I do not have the steps for you on this.


2. You can edit the user profile by following the steps below. Make sure you have editing turned on!

  1. log into Moodle as admin.
  2. Goto Home >Site administration > Users Accounts > Browse list of users
  3. Find the user in the list and click the "pencil and hand" icon in the edit column.  From there you can edit the students profile.

I also have an article that touches base on this here. The steps of that article is from the students or admin perspective. Hope this was helpful for you.



James R


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