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Integration round 2012-03-12 Summary - Goodbye 38911

Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth
Integration round 2012-03-12 Summary - Goodbye 38911
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Cold numbers:

Last week 36 issues have been successfully integrated and 10 have been delayed/rejected. That is 78% success

This week 21 issues have been successfully integrated and 9 have been delayed/rejected. That is 70% success


We’ve had two broken weeks with some easter holidays but the pace of change continues like normal. As we are heading towards code freeze for a new major release many things are starting to make their way from developers’ work in progress branches to land in 2.3dev. If you’ve not developed in master for a while you’ll start to notice some differences. E_STRICT is now part of DEBUG_DEVELOPER so all developers are encouraged to remove any hardcoded 38911 debug levels and check master for E_STRICT warnings. By raising our debugging level to E_STRICT we hope to increase compatibility with future PHP versions and reduce obscure bugs. Core E_STRICT issues can be reported in MDL–32405.

Hot topics:

  • MDL-20438 - Moodle now checks for updates in the core release and third party plugins, reporting available updates to administrators
  • MDL-32143 - Custom icons can now placed in dataroot to give more flexility to sites who are not able to change their theme directory.
  • MDL-32323, MDL-32400 - PHPUnit support has landed, bringing us a number of advantags over simpletest. We already have over 1000 tests and 20,000 assertions in core (more than double the simpletest number)! Developers are encouraged to try out the new framework and give feedback.
  • MDL-17327 - The database module search performance has been improved to be much more efficent.
  • MDL-31789 - Problems with teachers viewing their local file system repostiories in Moodle 2.2 have been resolved

Warm thanks:

  • To Dan Marden (Catalyst IT) and Davo Smith (Synergy Learning) - two great developers with who share a great initital! Thanks for your development, fixing, collaboration and support for other Moodlers on the Moodle forums. smile
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