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Integration round 2012-02-29 Summary - BB's week

One poor developer...
Integration round 2012-02-29 Summary - BB's week
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Cold numbers:

31 issues have been successfully integrated and 8 have been rejected (plus 1 delayed). That is 79.5% success, nice one.


After some weeks of silence (some I was off, others I was lazy), here we are again. This has not been a big week but some important stuff has been landing to 2.3dev lately, like initial support for phpunit, taking rid of the two biggest remaining particularities (reminiscences from MySQL) in our DB support: unsigned integers and LOB sizes, support and fixes to be E_STRICT compliant, just to name some. And a lot more coming soon!

Big Ben and Quarter Bells

Also, it's time to chime all the bells, because Moodle 2.3 coding freeze is just 5 weeks ahead of us. And we need to implement, review and push a lot of stuff before then, in order to have a great QA month before release (planned for June 4th). So be warned and gogogo!

Hot topics:

  • MDL-27710 - Enable branching on some lesson content pages.
  • MDL-31654 - Fix users upload when some profile fields are used.
  • MDL-29400 - Better display of the upload submission status in assignments.
  • MDL-12730 - Enable E_STRICT on Moodle 2.3 debug (part of MDL-31167).
  • MDL-11378 - Better support of SSL SMTP configuration.
  • And a lot more in multiple areas like repositories, lesson, scorm, questions, forms, external databases...

Warm thanks:

  • To the Big Ben, and its Quarter Bells, for being so big, so insistent and so heavy. They won't define the rhythm of my life (cannot hear them from Spain,big grin) but can assume that they will root others, np.

Ciao all, stronk7 smile

PS: I hope MDL-26500 will be fixed soon! wink

* ImageEngraving of the second 'Big Ben', taken from The Illustrated News of the World December 4 1858. Public Domain. [source]
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