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Anonymous Quizes

I've uploaded a quiz using a program called Articulate Quizmaker '09. All works well. I now want to have my staff visit and answer this quiz anonymously. I've created a link with &username=guest. The link takes my staff directly to my quiz. I have tested by answering the quetions on the quiz. After I take the quiz, I want to view the report but it errors with: Guest User is not enrolled in this course.


I just need for my staff to take the quiz and answer the questions anonymously and for me to view the reports. It's not really a quiz but more of an employee survey form. How do I make this work if I want my staff to take the survey anonymously (as guest I assume) and have the reports work?

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Re: Anonymous Quizes

As you say "not really a quiz but more of an employee survey form", I think I would just use the feedback module for this task.  I use it a lot and it's incredibly useful (and easy to use).

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