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Re: Removing the overridden flag
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Elena, instructors can change a grade within an assignment after changing it in the gradebook by removing the overridden flag in the grader report. Please see the Grades FAQ for details.

Regarding bulk removal of overridden flags, you'll be pleased to hear we're hoping to add the LSU's grade item and student grades quick edit feature to the grader report (MDL-18229) as part of our Stage 2 gradebook improvements (see Development:Gradebook improvements).
Re: Removing the overridden flag
Thank you, Helen!
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Re: Removing the overridden flag
Hi Helen,
I just noticed that when I went to untick he override box for an individual grade, that I had to switch editing (grades) off before moving on to uncheck the next grade (edit grades on again!) or the change would not be saved. Seems a bit long winded!

I am on Moodle 1.9.4 build 20090211