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Workshop evaluation plugins ::: workshopeval_credit
Maintained by David Mudrák
Simple grading evaluation method that gives credit to peer-reviewers just for their participation in the activity without comparing their assessment with the others.
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When the workshop activity is in the grading evaluation phase, choose the evaluation method "Participation credit". Then select the required evaluation mode and click "Re-calculate grades".

There are three modes of how grades for assessment are calculated by this method.

  • All or nothing - The reviewer must assess all allocated submissions in order to obtain the maximum grade; otherwise they receive a grade of zero.
  • Proportional - The grade obtained is proportional to the number of assessments. If all allocated submissions are assessed, the reviewer will obtain the maximum grade; if half of the allocated submissions are assessed, the reviewer will obtain 50% of the maximum grade.
  • At least one - The reviewer must assess at least one allocated submission in order to obtain the maximum grade.


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David Mudrák (Lead maintainer)
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  • Anthony Borrow
    2013年 02月 28日(木) 15:17
    David - If you have a free moment, it would be appreciated if you could add a README.txt file to the zip and create a documentation page and provide the URL under Useful links. Peace - Anthony
  • 2013年 02月 28日(木) 17:28
    Thanks Anthony. I've added to the repository and put a link to the Github wiki for more docs.
  • 2016年 08月 25日(木) 05:55

    Just made a formal release of a new version after making sure it still works as expected in recent Moodle versions.

  • Paul
    2016年 10月 13日(木) 15:19
    This plug through up errors on both my 2.7 and 2.9 versions. The other plug in installed without problems.
  • 2016年 10月 13日(木) 17:49

    Paul, can you report details about the error this throws to you - please use the plugin bug tracker . It is not clear to me what "other plugin" you mean.

  • 2018年 06月 19日(火) 02:56

    I just release version 3.1.0 of the plugin, implementing the privacy API. The Participation credit plugin does not store any personal data.

  • 2022年 06月 10日(金) 14:56
    Thank you for sharing this.
  • 2022年 07月 27日(水) 17:19
    Hi, is this subplugin going to be supported in Moodle 4.X?
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