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Essential is a clean and customizable theme. Essential is tested and tried by thousands of users, and ranks number one by site usage for all available third party themes.
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The "Essential" Moodle Theme

With 2.5 now released Julian thought it time to take the opportunity to build a new theme that would push the new theme engine to it's limits a bit.  With that in mind he introduced the new "Essential" theme.  Now Julian has left us for Canvassian adventures, David and Gareth took over development and maintenance.  And now David has left for pastures new, Gareth continues to maintain and make improvements.

The idea of this theme is to make the site look as little like Moodle as possible. In this specific instance, it would be used on sites where Moodle would potentially serve as a company homepage rather than just a course list.

Cool things to know about the theme.

  • It attempts to load as many as possible icons from a font.
  • Most of what you think are "graphics" are actually the Font Awesome font (
  • The slider on the front page is completely customisable through theme settings.
  • I am really trying to push what Bootstrap ( Grids can do.  As such the theme is fully responsive.
  • The footer is all custom Moodle regions.  This means blocks can be added.
  • The theme can use Google web fonts ( to give it that extra bit of shazam!
  • Social network icons appear at the top of the page dynamically based on theme settings.
  • The entire colour scheme can be modified with theme settings.


Please see the 'Support' section in 'README.txt' file that comes with the theme.

Reporting issues:

Please read the 'Reporting issues' section in 'README.txt' file that comes with the theme before posting / contacting me.  If there is any missing information then I'll only ask for it which will delay you getting a solution to your problem.

Video Promo:


In versions,, and above.


Please note that previously the version for Moodle 2.6 was 2.7.x as well, but since these versions are now separated we also lowered the displayed version number.

Moodle Version

Essential Version


2.5 2.5.8Last release for M2.5
2.6 2.6.11Last release for M2.6
2.7 release for M2.7 Last release for M2.8
Last release for M2.9
3.0 release for M3.0
3.1 version version version version

For more information visit the official Essential theme website at:


Screenshot #0
Screenshot #1


Gareth J Barnard
Gareth J Barnard (Lead maintainer)
Julian Ridden
Julian Ridden: Original author
David Bezemer: Contributor
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  • Gareth J Barnard
    Fri, 22 Sep 2017, 5:44 AM
    Dear Will,

    As stated in the README.txt file the theme comes with NO support. Please read the readme for further details.

    Kind regards,

  • Picture of baraa abd el-hady
    Wed, 27 Sep 2017, 8:51 PM
    can you please add an option to restrict access for every slide, example : make slide number one appear for group A and slide number 2 for group B
  • Gareth J Barnard
    Wed, 27 Sep 2017, 10:47 PM
    Hi Baraa,

    There are no groups at the site level where the slider is, only cohorts, groups are a course concept. Do you have some example code I could use please?


  • Picture of michell mejia
    Wed, 4 Oct 2017, 1:07 AM
    I am using the ATTO WORD plugin but now the video option does not display the same, only shows the box of the video. I already uninstalled the ATTO WORD plugin but the bug was not fixed
  • Gareth J Barnard
    Wed, 4 Oct 2017, 2:33 AM
    Hi Michell,

    I don't provide support for other 3-rd party plugins than my own, if it proves to be a theme specific issue then I will attempt to fix it / state what the issue is. In the first instance, please post in the themes forum ( stating:

    Moodle version.
    Essential theme version.
    Details of the ATTO Word plugin and version.
    Details of the steps to replicate the issue.
    Details of proving that the issue only occurs in Essential and not the Clean theme.
    Screen shots of the problem.

    This is because I have no idea what you are talking about!

    Kind regards,

  • Picture of Richard Carrillo
    Thu, 5 Oct 2017, 11:21 PM
    Theme essential does not work in moodle 3.3.2+, not load page. Help please
  • Gareth J Barnard
    Thu, 5 Oct 2017, 11:25 PM
    Hi Richard,

    Essential does work on: Moodle 3.3.2+ (Build: 20170928), therefore a local specific issue. Please post on with all the details the themes forum rules require.

  • Picture of Daemon Hunt
    Thu, 12 Oct 2017, 4:10 AM
    Hi Gareth, small question. Was modifying my custom CSS for Essential in Moodle 3.2 and noticed that their appears to be 'modal' confirmation windows dotted around Moodle, that are not in fact 'true' modals. For instance, when unenrolling myself from a course, the ensuing dialogue on a new page has modal properties set in its CSS class. I thought maybe it wasn't working, so I switched to 'Boost' to test it, but these are not opening as modals either so I am assuming it's a placeholder for future behaviour?

    I was just curious, as modal confirmation dialogues throughout Moodle would be a huge boon to the user experience. Are you able to shed any further light on this?

    Many Thanks
  • Gareth J Barnard
    Thu, 12 Oct 2017, 5:59 AM
    Hi Daemon,

    I'm sorry but I don't understand what you are describing. Please post some screen shots in the themes forum.


  • Picture of Paul L
    Fri, 24 Nov 2017, 10:52 PM
    Is Essential compatible with php7?
  • Gareth J Barnard
    Mon, 27 Nov 2017, 1:18 AM
    Hi Paul,


  • Picture of Dan Bell
    Sat, 2 Dec 2017, 2:12 AM
    Using Release (Build: 2017102900) with moodle 3.4.
    In the Course overview Block, the doughnut chart is awesome. Can it be color coded according to course status? The default color is #F89406 for all status. I'd like to have three colors to represent not started, in progress and complete.
  • Gareth J Barnard
    Mon, 4 Dec 2017, 11:45 PM
    Hi Dan,

    The theme comes with NO support. Please see the readme file for details.

    Kind regards,

  • Picture of Brijesh Yadav
    Fri, 15 Dec 2017, 4:51 AM
    I want use Login block, but does not show in the block region , please help me.
  • Gareth J Barnard
    Fri, 15 Dec 2017, 9:38 PM
    Dear Brijesh,

    As stated in the README.txt file the theme comes with NO support. Please read the readme for further details.

    Kind regards,

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