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Maintained by Ellucian Inc
This plugin supports linking to documents in the Course Materials Manager (CMM), a component of Ellucian’s Colleague Portal.
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Moodle 2.0, 2.1, 2.2

The CMM is a repository of documents and links that faculty can use to maintain materials for their courses. The ILP CMM plugins are of value only to Ellucian clients who have licensed the Colleague Portal and installed the Portal and CMM.


To install the plugins, download the zip files to a location on your Moodle server and unzip the folders and files. Then see the readme.txt file included in each of the zip files for instructions for installing the plugins with Moodle. For instructions for configuring the plugins and adding documents and links into Moodle from the CMM, see Ellucian’s Class Sites - Portal and ILP manual (available only to Ellucian clients).


This plugin is part of set Ellucian ILP CMM.


Ellucian Inc (Lead maintainer)
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