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Maintained by Picture of Oleg SychevOleg Sychev, Picture of Valeriy StreltsovValeriy Streltsov
Abstract question type used in questions developed by POAS department of Volgograd State Technical University. Contains some generally useful question type code.
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This question type is a hub, containing code used by several question types and other plugins, developed by POAS department of Volgograd State Technical University:

  • backup and restore support for extra_question_fields;
  • Unicode string class that allows correct using of [ ];
  • base hinting classes for questiontype-specific hints;
  • Moodle Forms class for a textarea witht an  icon button on the right;
  • PHP libraries for lexical analysis using PHP string as a file.

If you are a developer and interested in using this code in your questions or other plugins, please contact project contributors.


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Picture of Oleg Sychev
Oleg Sychev (Lead maintainer): Hinting
Picture of Valeriy Streltsov
Valeriy Streltsov: Backup and restore for extra_question_fields, unicode string class
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